Are you a Likely Candidate for Murder?

So, I’ve done some research, some whacked out thorough research, and am now ready to share that research. Question is…are you ready?

Prevalence of astrological signs amongst Serial Killers and Mass Murderers.

Of the 43 male serial killers I compiled, here are the percentages from most prevalent to least.)

Aries, Leo, Scorpio, and Gemini (EACH 11.97% of American Serial Killers)

Pisces and Sagittarius (9.3%)

Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn (each equaled 6.976%)

Aquarius (4.3%) (only two in the list)

Now, let’s be clear. There might be more Aquarian serial killers out there than all others, remaining at large because they work like robots emotionally and no one can catch their guilt in interview, but they’re not getting caught so I can’t crunch that data. I can only do so much, people!

And Indecisive Libra (2.3%) (only 1)

The safe graceful one. Who didn’t know that?

Just trust your instincts and don’t get in the car with strangers, Libra or otherwise.

Of the most well known, Gacy and Ramirez were Pisces, Bundy was Sagittarius, Gein and Lucas were Virgo, Dahmer and Fish were Taurus.

Some interesting info I also compiled:

Of all African American Serial Killers: 60% Scorpio

Of all Female American Serial Killers: 50% Scorpio

Watch out for them Scorpios!

AND ON TOP OF THIS RESEARCH, For further perusal….

Genocidal Dictators:

Hitler (Aries), Stalin (Sagittarius), Mussolini (Leo), and Napoleon (Leo) were all fire signs.

Caligula was a Virgo. And OLIVER FUCKING CROMWELL (cough, excuse me, sorry) was a Taurus. Fucking Tauri!

Ok, enjoy. I might further this research into other countries so we can truly see which sign is most prevalent. I know you’re all thinking, what kind of weirdo does this research voluntarily? Well, I used to want to be a profiler, and I like astrology. COMBINE THE TWO AND YOU FORGE…..the awesome that is me, motherfuckers! LOVE IT!

(UPDATE! Misinformed you all! Hitler was a TAURUS! Booyah! No Aries Dictators! Yet. I shall be the first!)

Caitlin for Dictator!


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