I recently noticed a monopoly of advertisements here on the Inet. Every single day I get the “Why does he withdraw?” “Don’t lose the right guy!” “What you’re doing to drive him away: Buy my eBook” advertisements and my inner feminist is WIGGING OUT!

I pray the guys on social networking sites get a male version of this horse shit cause I’m all about equality.

Here is my two cents on the subject:

1) A guy who writes a book about losing the right guy, from the perspective of the right guy that got away, is so full of himself that I’m surprised he doesn’t have the gout.

2) Girls, they’re pretty easy to understand (the ones that aren’t crazy). Tell us you like us, tell us we’re lovely, and when we’re claimed, remind us that those are true, often. If guys don’t do these things, chances are their girl is going to start acting weird. And perhaps that weird behavior will drive the guy off, but in truth…whose fault is it? Hers for acting weird, or his for not putting in effort? I mean, jesus, if they put out, it’s the least a guy can fucking do!

3) Apparently, acting like a woman is what drives guys away. “Act like a guy to keep your man.” Ok, guys…do you really want to be the dude who was only into a woman when she acted manish. What does that say? Nancy boy.

My conclusion: A book that aims to blame one sex for the failing of potentially successful relationships is a weak fart in a stiff wind. (What of the men who lose or drive away the ‘right’ woman due to fear, possessiveness or neglect? Where is the book for these poor lonely schleps?) One reason why relationships fail is because people read books like this and prescribe to what it suggests, put on a mask and chase people who aren’t right for them.

Sometimes, we get it right, but even some of the most epic romances in history were horse shit (ie, Victoria and Albert. She loved him and was an insatiable lover [atta girl!] and he was a cold fish). And even truly loving partners sometimes betray and lose one another, (ie Napoleon having his marriage to Josephine annulled and still loving only her to his dying breath when her name was his last word. She died seven years before him.)

The Chiseled Features with a huge income might seem foxy, but he’s got the wit of a salamander. The Firefighter has the sexiest job ever, but so does his life partner Raul. I think the real route to a successful relationship is different for every person, and they have to find someone who takes the same route.

If a woman’s behavior drives a guy away, then there is a good chance that guy wasn’t ‘right’ for her at that time. And if a guy pulls away, chances are he wasn’t ‘right’ for her at that time. Why would a woman want to completely change herself to ensnare a guy? It’s false advertising. If you’re a crazy bitch who hates your exes, pretty girls, and your boyfriends friends…then show it up front and don’t lie! Cause damn it, that’s mean. He might actually like you by the time you let your bitch flag fly.

Me…I’m a pain in the ass, but I come with instructions, for christ’s sake. I’d rather be with a guy who likes being with a pain in the ass then with ‘Mr. Right’ because I pretended I wasn’t.

I think I’m done rambling.


2 thoughts on “BE A BETTER WOMAN by Some Dude

  1. Judging by the email subject lines, I notice a lot of the spam I get is for Viagra, herbal supplements, and about “prolonging her pleasure”. Can’t say that I’ve seen books like this, but maybe I’m just lucky. The cynic in me says self-help books are more about profits – and in the case above – work by feeding on a reader’s insecurities. It’s horse shit.

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