John Hughes Dies

When Cameron was in Egypt’s Land,

Let my people go!

Words may fail me now, but I will attempt to the best of my ability to speak as is befitting the king of 80’s Film.

John Hughes wrote stories that showed the way I wanted my youth to be. I saw the Breakfast Club when I was too young to fully grasp its concepts, but it sank into me like the teeth of a rabid squirrel. I became enamored with the high school, the library, the desks, the nature of the characters from that movie to the point that when I realized it had been filmed in Illinois, I decided I would move there by the time I hit high school, even if it killed me. Yes, I was seven or eight years old when this fantasy unfolded, but it was one of the strongest drives I’d ever felt.

I didn’t move to Illinois, in case you’re wondering, but to this day, there is still a piece of me that goes soft when I think of the suburban expanse around Chicago.

His films shaped so much of my childhood and my imagination, so much of my music tastes and my sense of humor. I quote Weird Science, Breakfast Club, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off without anyone ever getting my references. I drive down the road singing along to Holiday Road, Oingo Boingo, and as a result of him, Simple Minds is one of my favorite bands of all time.

The humor and quick wit of his characters, like Ferris Bueller, John Bender, Duckie, and Cameron Frye are the reason why I didn’t fall in love until I met a man who could make me laugh, be suave as hell, and still be a raging geek all at the same time.

John Hughes made Mr. Mom a household concept, he made people open their eyes to the issues and drama of teenagers by creating characters we cared about. This man wrote the reality of being a young person, while managing to romanticize it at the same time, without ever having to resort to them fucking pies.

Movies like John Hughes’ just aren’t made anymore. It is time someone relight that torch and carry it through to the next generation of mush brained, over sexed kids who are missing out on stories that actually speak to them and not just to their sex drives.

I volunteer to write a screenplay if you do.


One thought on “John Hughes Dies

  1. When Cameron was in Egypt’s land, let my Cameron go. At least that is what it is in my memory. See, I have a good memory for this line since, well, it’s got my name written all over it!

    Ha. It’s wicked hot down here in my home (I can write that since I’ve moved back to New England). The ‘wicked’ part, that is. Anyway, I agree. It’s all good. I like the movies and, the more I think about ‘The Breakfast Club,’ the more I think it’s a perfect fit between the two of you.

    Boo. Too hot. Back to autumn!

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