The Oldest Joke: Gravity

(As republished from March 21st, 2009 at Blogger)

Despite knowing with complete certainty that I will be mocked mercilessly for this confession, I hereby pour forth my soul.

I watch AFV.

Now, not religiously by any means, and not AFV solely (AFV stands for America’s Funniest Videos. There is a British version I saw while in London that was quadruple hilarious due to it being British people falling down) but if it is on when I am scanning the channels, I WILL stop. Now, the host is a buffoon, the segues are infantile, and the narration is often borderline nauseating, but none of that can deter from the timeless funny that is someone falling down.

I’ve been accused of being unfeeling due to the uncontrollable response I have to someone eat it. It isn’t my fault, gravity is the oldest comedian on this planet. Combine that with the right attitude towards stumbling or the right face plant and I may very well pee my pants.

Now, here are some examples of the true nature of the beast. If you laugh, you understand. If you don’t at least smile, you are a robot, an automaton of the worst kind and I spurn thee.

(The senior citizens biting it on the kayak was a tear jerker for me.)


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