You Should Be Writing

The title of this blog is, literally, what I have said to myself every morning for the past three weeks or so. I’ve agreed with myself on a regular basis, but have I actually taken my advice?
Seriously, how much good advice ever gets used? Not enough.

Now, I am an author. I’m less than six or so scenes (I’d say) from being done with my first novel (a novel I started in January of 2009, but of which I wrote 400 pages worth in less than five months this year). I know when I put the pedal to the metal and I buckle down, I get shit done. I mean I GET IT DONE! Still, as one surely-wise-and-as-of-right-now-unknown-to-me writer once said, “The hardest part is sitting in the chair.”

Seriously, I should be writing. (This blog doesn’t count. At least not to me.)

So if you are a writer and are suffering the same disease – the writer who doesn’t write disease – here is what I now KNOW to be true.

If you make yourself sit in that chair everyday, first and foremost – before the shower and the grocery shopping, before the mani/pedi and the lunch with college pals, before the boob tube overtakes your brain for the day or you head to the gym to reshape your kiester – if you simply sit down and write 1000 words before the rest of life is allowed to unfold, you will succeed.
Make time for the writing. It isn’t something you need to make excuses for, it is the thing to which you should be making excuses, and in all honesty, you shouldn’t even be doing that.

No excuse is good enough to say “I’ll write later.”

Write now.

Write because it is what you are called to do.

Write because if you don’t tell your stories, no one ever will.
Get your ass in the chair and write. Nothing in your day planner is more important than your pursuing that spiritual gold mine that is your writing. It is your calling.
Fucking do it.

That is all.


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