Weekly Postage? Ahoy!

Here’s to wishful thinking, Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am jumping on the bandwagon, not because I feel some sort of magnanimous desire to spew forth my knowledge and wisdom unto the unsuspecting masses, but because I can’t freakin turn down a dare. Post a Week in 2011 sounded like a dare to me. Thus far I’ve managed three posts this year in only two weeks, so we’re going strong. What you might NOT know, is that I am the proud owner of three blogs…no wait…four blogs. Two of which are more than a little undernourished. So, I hereby accept this challenge the in the hopes that Dust Has No Calories and Wiseass Foodie get some love (as well as Vision Junkie, let’s be honest).

So come on down, have a gander, bitchslap me if you catch me slacking, cause I’m gonna give this shit a try.



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