A Snow Day for the Birds

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a confession –

I’m a bird watcher. I’m not just a watcher of said birds, I literally spent three hours sitting on my kitchen counter today with my camera, my iPod Audobon Bird Guide, and my D90 Nikon camera with 200mm lens just hoping and praying and waiting for the ever illusive Cardinal to grace me with his (and her) presence.

Then they did…and it was glorious.

This is Madame Cardinal, who often came to the area, then perched in a plump little package and waited for her dear husband to arrive. Both times I caught her waiting for almost twenty minutes until he appeared, snacked, then the two of them were gone. I literally went ape shit. Both times.

Also, I snatched my daughter up and set her on the counter so she could see him as well. The Red Bird is my favorite.

And seriously, I had no idea what half the birds in my yard were, but I was psyched.

I decided to go with an all Safflower seed for the first round with a back up of all Sunflower seeds. As a result of this choice, none of the birds are flinging the excess out of the feeder to get to the good stuff as they often do with the cheap seed mix. This brings me joy, though it does NOT bring joy to the Mourning doves and Juncos who tend to feast on the seed spray of other more picky birds.

Junco – the bird I literally looked for in my Audobon guide for an hour before hitting the internet. Dark Eyed Junco, Eastern breed, is a black bird with a white belly. It brings me joy to know that.

It probably doesn’t bring joy to the Junco, who sadly has to go through life with a name like “Junco.”

Halfway through my kitchen counter sitting spell, I realized it might benefit the pictures if I lifted the freakin screen. Oh the glory of a screen free photograph.

This poor bastard over here may in fact be called a Tufted Titmouse, though I believe they usually have pointy noggins. Maybe he’s just being incognito.

Who knows? Actually, if you do, let me know. Cause that Audobon guide drove me nuts today, let me tell you.

Screen free Cardinal shot. God the Red Bird is a tough one to nail down!

Hopefully when the next snow storm hits (tomorrow from what I hear) he comes again, and with friends if I’m lucky.

And luckily, the safflower seed is lasting so I might actually be able to enjoy another snowfall of birds without having to trudge across my lawn in thigh high deep snow in order to refill the damn bird feeders.

Fingers crossed.


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