Dragon Age 2 Romance – Anders versus Fenris (Guess who wins!)

Yeah, it’s Fenris. Woops! Did I give that away? Ok, let’s go through the motions, shall we?

First off, if you have a look on youtube, you can find a video for every major romance scene in the game Dragon Age 2 (at least for the main characters. If you want Sebastian, he is yet to be discovered by youtube uploaders…and me. Still, after playing through while romancing Fenris, I don’t think I could romance anyone other than him. I mean, just listen to his soundtrack!)

Anyway, so let’s start with Anders.

Anders - Those eyes are kinda hot, right?

To romance Anders –

Just flirt with him. Literally, the first time you do it, he says he’s going to break your heart. A little presumptuous, you’d say. Well, the guy IS unhinged, to put it mildly.
As long as you don’t rebuff his advances throughout the game, he’s yours. Though there are easier routes than others.

1) Use the the green Leafy option whenever possible with him. (He doesn’t like your sense of humor – sign number one that you shouldn’t be with the bugger!)

2) Side with Mages whenever he is present. If you are going to go against them, leave him home. Though, seriously, I left him home the entire game while I was romancing Fenris and he was still at 100% by the end. He’s a pretty easy one to woo to friendship in that regard.

3) You can be a dirty whore and still get Anders. If you take Isabella up on her shag offer, he’ll still be down for living together. Obviously he hates Darktown.

4) Ask him to move in with you. You will get the option in Act 2 or 3. After your sex scene, it’s on. Tell him to stay and he will. Then whenever you come home, he’ll be there with the same generic thing to say. And after he moves in, your character can find his dirty socks around the house.

Now, let’s talk about the real man option.

Fenris - The smokin hot sexness!

To woo the shit out of the tattoed hotness, is a little trickier.

1) He DOES like your humor, usually. He’ll enjoy your green leafy comments, but he also enjoys the snark, so it’s ok to drift between the two, but once you get him on the rivalry route, at least past a certain point, it will become harder to get him to 100% friendship. (You can successfully have a romance with him at full rivalry as well, with varied conversation options, but I prefer the fluffy lovey stuff.)

2) If you’re siding with mages, leave him home. Even if you are a mage, he will love you, so no worries. At least until he is at 100% friendship. Once he’s there, you could kill his cat and he wouldn’t care. (Same goes for all characters. Once they are at 100%, they are yours to stay.)

3) If you want to complete the romance with Fenris, you must have eyes for only him. (Same with Sebastian.) So if you take Isabella up on her offering of a shag early in the game, whether you play as male or female, it can slow down your romantic progression with Fenris. Visit him often, flirt, always use heart icon, and when he suggests a make out, say “I’m willing” (he’ll get shy if you do) or “this is sudden” (he’ll put a pin in it for ‘another time’). Then, go to the Hawke Estate at night soon after and bang his brains out! Cause he’ll be there! (see video below).

[EDIT: One of the most endearing and engaging ways to carry out the Fenris romance is – after he leaves in an emotional huff, allow a flirtation with Anders to take place. You may kiss and flirt in any way possible if you like, and when he asks to come to your home at night, say yes. (I chose to do these things WITHOUT Fenris present so, if he’s around I’m not sure if it will work as smoothly…though to be honest, I think bioware would be too lazy to add in a jilted lover response to Fenris. That would take work, and they don’t believe in that. :P) When he arrives at your home for sweet loving, he will insult Fenris. I responded with rage and he left. In the next Act, Fenris confessed his undying love despite the almost flirtation. I am not sure if this method will work if you sleep with Anders or Isabella and then jilt them right after, but without sexing anyone else up, but still engaging in the flirtation, you can still get your Fenris make out on. WOOT!]

4) Fenris does NOT move in with your character. He plans to stay with you til his death, but moving into your mansion is not on his agenda, which is fitting to his ‘finally a free man’ character.

Spoilers may exist beyond this point. No wait, yes. They exist beyond this point.

Why Anders loses.

He is constantly ranting about his agenda, which ruins the character interaction for me. With Fenris, if you click on him in game while in love with him, he responds with “I enjoy following you,” or “I’m yours” in a smoky come hither voice. It helps to create a mood that an Anders romance doesn’t succeed at.

Anders is, technically, an abomination, so if you’re playing a good character (which I am duty bound by spiritual integrity and a softy heart to always play), Anders is questionable. He means well, so you think, so you put up with his possession. Then he kills a bunch of innocent people in an act of terrorism in the final act and you’re standing there going – Wait, what? But…but he’s my romance choice. How do I get a happy ending when I am going out with a terrorist? By completely denouncing your character’s values, that’s how! Or, just play evil or neutral. (Not that either things really exist in this somewhat dumbed down version of Bioware RPG.)

Now, with Fenris, he’s equally ‘tortured’ (as I often refer to Anders) and also fixated on vengeance, but his vengeance is directed and carried out toward those involved with the Slaver he’s recently escaped from. He is capable of ripping hearts out, even after he’s given his word that he won’t and all, but still – not a terrorist. Also, he’s a MAN. Rather than whine, he fumes. It’s more tolerable.

Also, unlike Anders, who is down from Jump Street, Fenris will shag your brains out and then leave, feeling tortured. Don’t worry, he is still your romance, as long as you don’t make nasty comments or push him away when he shows affection afterward. Just keep with the heart dialogue option when available and you’ll have this crazy passionate make out session before the final battle. Epic WIN!

Also, in the end, if you’ve romanced Fenris, even when you side with the mages, he’ll stay with you. Far happier ending, friends. You don’t have to accept a terrorist to get it, either.

Now, my qualms with the romance options in Dragon Age 2 were mentioned in a previous post, but I will air them here to compound them. The in-play dialogue options have been removed, so flirtatious exchanges and smooches, or getting some the night before battle – yeah, all of those things are gone, which is extremely lame. Also, if you’re playing as a female going after a male, your romance/sex scenes are a fraction of the size of a male Hawke going after Isabella or Merrill. (Literally, this was a moment when the sex of the programmers was clear. Merrill is seen in her undies for a good two minutes and Isabella climbs on Hawke and rides him across the room, but Anders and Fenris – never unclothed even for a second. What, they don’t think chicks like naked dudes? :P)

Interestingly enough, the lack of scenes with characters (I mean literally, even the ones you’re NOT romancing) is a good part of the reason why the Ander’s romance doesn’t feel involved enough. You go from zero to sixty in two seconds, then never get any real interaction after that, because you’re only given quest related dialogue scenes. (As you may recall, you could talk Alistair’s ear off for days in DA, and make out with him in front of scoffing party members. That made the romance aspect of the story far more engaging and fully immersive. The DA2 approach definitely leaves much to be desired in that department, pun COMPLETELY intended.

Fenris on the other hand, given his retreat and return to the romance, his in-play sweet nothings, and his passionate make outs, with appropriate build up, made way for a far more satisfying romance angle. Seriously, just watch this for the smolder.

Tell me that agro approach wasn’t hot sex, followed by the emotional “I can’t” in the scene following. Such a better character. For reals.

I’m sorry to everyone who thinks the romance side of the story is silly, I say this – I play these games FOR the story, and when there is a good romance involved, I’m involved. When there isn’t, I’m just not. Period.

I must be a girl. πŸ™‚


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  1. This was most helpful. My gut reaction was to pursue Fenris but being a mage kind of put me off, but after reading this post (and, yes, seeing the hot sexiness that is Fenris in the videos above) it is clearly worth my time. ^___^ This is going to be fun.

  2. Thank you so much. I’ve been trying to romance Fenris, bit it never suceeds. I started the whole game over twice. But now I see that my one night stand with Isabela threw the whole thing off. Now to try for the third time!

    Thanks again. I enjoyed your arguments very much as well, and can’t agree more that Anders’ 1-60 attitude didn’t seem quite right.
    Wonderful article~ ❀

  3. I just wanted to say I agree with you. The dialogue is seriously lacking. I miss the ability to talk to them whenever I want. I miss it for one of two reasons, I like the voice actors and just can’t get enough of their voice and it added another element to the game. Now that it is gone I feel a little piece of me is gone. At least I can get a kick out of Sebastian and Fenris’ party banter.

    I was also gonna try the Anders romance but now that I know Fenris can be “wooed” by a mage. I know who I’m trying.;)

    Thank you for this wonderful insight and I wish you the best of luck in all your gaming endeavors.

    • Seriously, these actors are just phenomenal,aren’t they? Bioware should have milked them for all they were worth! We should have “Shoot the Breeze” options at every turn! πŸ™‚

      • They really ARE fantastic voice actors, all of them! I’m so glad that whoever does the casting got their job. πŸ™‚

  4. i TOTALLY agree with everything you said above. We as women absolutely got hosed in the sex scene department. BUT…i will say that the scene where Hawke touches Fenris when she doesn’t want him to go and her touch inflames him entertained my thoughts at work for a week. πŸ˜‰
    His soundtrack is haunting, mysterious, and provacative and also stuck with me for days. I didn’t realize it was his soundtrack alone until i read your blog above.
    I love the way the Hawke Fenris scenes were set up, by the fire in a dark room, really set the mood, and also his intense smoldering dialogue. I especially loved the scene where he was brooding (most manly!) and drinking the wine and smashed the bottle. H O T. I also agree whiney men are a big turnoff.
    I am in my second playthrough and forcing myself to romance Anders to get the full effect of the game. It has been so hard for me not to romance Fenris that I almost didn’t recruit him, truth! I also keep remembering Sir Pounce-a-lot which doesn’t do much for Anders’ sex appeal. πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for your insights!!


    • Right? Fenris in all his toattoed glory is never shown! I can’t even imagine how effing gorgeous that character art would have been!

      No, let’s be honest, I can imagine. πŸ˜‰

      Tell me Anders wasn’t the most unsatisfying romance ever! When I played through the first time I was SO disappointed with the game as a whole, but second play through I fell so madly in love with Fenris that he literally carried the whole game for me. Such a great character.

  5. I just have one question: I’m in the middle of Fenris’ romance right now, having done Anders on the first playthrough, and Fenris has just left me. So… he won’t come back for SIX years, until right before endgame? At least Anders stays with you, by your side, and actually says he loves you. :/ Now I am sad.

    And yes, I so much agree with most of what you say, especially how we girls were kind of … overlooked. Though I love the subtlety of Fen’s costume change. πŸ™‚ Do we get that because he’s max loyalty? Other people haven’t changed, but I’ve heard it doesn’t require romancing to get it…

    • He does come back. He will say gentle things during play (in party banter with Anders about how leaving you was the hardest thing he’s ever had to do and so on) and when you suffer a tragedy, he comes to your side, but yes, the next make out isn’t until Act 3. He’s worth it, I swear. πŸ™‚

      • Thank you so much! I’m glad he comes back; I really do like Anders, I admit (I don’t think his status as abomination is any more of a problem than Wynne’s was during the first game–he did it to be kind, not to gain power), but Fenris is a very interesting character, and I’m enjoying “winning him over” as a mage. πŸ˜€

        I’m assuming the tragedy that makes him come back has to do with the quest “All that Remains”? Trying to avoid spoilers for people who haven’t played it all the way through (this is my 2nd playthrough). That’s … awesome that he does that.

        I think he learned real compassion from his own tragedy–too bad not all people do.

        I’m loving that we all seem to miss Alistair! Even Zev, who was so very sweet once you cracked that hard shell he’d erected to keep himself safe and sane.

        Also, thank you so much for this blog! I’m enjoying it, and yes, POWER to the female gamers! If the boys don’t want romance in their games, then they’re free to skip those bits, yeah? Too bad BioWare can’t make 6 games a year…

  6. “”I’m sorry to everyone who thinks the romance side of the story is silly, I say this – I play these games FOR the story, and when there is a good romance involved, I’m involved. When there isn’t, I’m just not. Period.

    I must be a girl. πŸ™‚ “”

    My thoughts EXACTLY :DD
    I completely miss all the cutesy things with Alistair from DA:O,but DA2 did alright with Fenris :] I loved his romance. :]]

    Anyway, thank you soso much for writing this, I’ve been curious if (for all the characters) once the romance starts, if you can or cannot flirt with the others. πŸ˜› Answered lotsa questions πŸ™‚

    • I think there are a lot of people in agreement with the lacking relationship angle. Their next endeavor may very well make up for it. We girls will be heard!! πŸ™‚

      I seriously miss cutesy makeouts in front of Morrigan. And did you ever hear the Zevron/Alistair in party banter about how Alistair should try arching his back? Effing priceless!!!

  7. It was such a good article, well written!
    Now a question πŸ™‚ can you recommend any other games with a good romance story? For now I’ve only played Dragon Age and Mass effect, just because of the romance and a good story.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Bioware games in general are the ground breakers of that. (Jade Empire, ME, Kotor), but I’ve also heard the Fallout franchise has a similar angle as well. πŸ™‚

      We girls are making a dent in the gaming world finally. There will be far more to come, I am sure of it! Cause unlike the boys, who chase Merrill despite her being a blood mage, but won’t admit they really want to see a lovey dovey happy ending, we girls aren’t afraid to scream from the mountaintops that we want romance!

      We’re so awesome.

  8. Wanted to add a little more as I keep going through the game…So i am a mage in this playthrough, (still romancing Anders)and am in Act 1. However, I still find myself saving before the Fenris conversations so I can retry if i mess up.


    Last night when i was playing i managed to get +20 friendship from fenris and wanted to share since i know some people are having a hard time with him. The interaction was the “Fenris recruited” quest. i.e. the one where he is drinking wine and smashes the bottle.
    To get the +20 select all of the green leafies and take every opportunity to ask him questions about his life. When he asks if you ever want to go home I selected “Lothering is gone” and then “I have a new life”. Don’t select the heart choices. Nearing the end of the interaction HE will start flirting with YOU. Which was definitely a different place from where I was the first time. My first playthrough i was the one chasing him! Once he starts mentioning that you are a “woman of substance” and a “capable woman” you know the conversation is going in the right direction. From this point on, if you want to keep it platonic (if you are romancing another character) select “happy to help” and Fenris will give you +20. If you want to take it into the romantic arena, select “Flatterer” and he will start flirting with you and telling you in a very intriguing way that he will keep practicing his suaveness for your next encounter (and also give you a +20 frienship!) Such a hottie!

    I agree with you Caitlin when you said Fenris would have been unbelievably gorgeous without his shirt on…and actually, to further this, I think Bioware missed a few great opportunities to capitalize on the uniqueness of their characters in this way. They could have done ALOT more with Fenris’s lyrium tattoos during the love scenes and even also with Anders/Justice (glowing eyes, etc). They could have taken that angle into some seriously interesting places. I would love to see Fenris show up again in a future Dragon Age.

    Also, I have to say it. Alistair didn’t look as good in DA2 with the new graphics upgrade. Not trying to complain here because everything else looks fantastic, but I remember drooling over Alistair in DA:O and he just wasn’t doing it for me as much in 2. Zevran either, I guess. πŸ˜‰ I do LOVE Steve Valentine’s take on Alistair though. Such a great voice. Did you play FF12 with Balthier?

    And lastly, this quote “Merrill is seen in her undies for a good two minutes and Isabella climbs on Hawke and rides him across the room, but Anders and Fenris – never unclothed even for a second.” made me laugh for about 10 minutes straight…+1 Caitlin. πŸ™‚


    • Seriously, all the DA:O characters that returned looked haggard! I was thinking maybe they were trying to make them look as though they had aged, given the seven years that go by in DA2, but I don’t know.

      Also, another good +20 or more for Fenris is in Act 2 on A Bitter Pill. Let him kill Hadriana, then choose “Do you want to talk about it?” (“Are you allright?” is how it is written on dialog wheel, with star option). He’ll snap at you and you can then choose a heart option. When you choose the heart option he says, “Don’t comfort me!” and storms off. BUT THEN!!!

      It’s +20 time!!! Also, when you get home, if you’ve already done his Questioning Beliefs quests and flirted during it, he will be at your house when you get home, ready to MAKE OUT! πŸ˜›

  9. >__< OMG i'm such a fangirl and i totally agree with u…Fenris is hot and the best romance eva in DA2. It's sad how we can't talk more with them like we did with the companions in DAO…

  10. Love this post! I felt the same way, Fenris is clearly superior. Even as a mage, I couldn’t stand Crazy Anders and his “bad romance.” Thanks for the tip, Lyssah, I’ll try it out next playthrough πŸ™‚

  11. This was so very helpful to me! I created a mage Hawke and by the time Act II rolled around I was so torn about which romance option to pick. Unfortunately, it felt like I really didn’t get the chance to get to know either one of them like I did the party members in Dragon Age Origins. I find myself missing the characters’ stories and long dialogue – that’s how we got to know them. Now I had to base my decision on a couple of scenes and party banter. But after I kept picturing myself strangling Anders after every mini-sermon he gave, I think I’m going to pick Fenris. He’s so mysterious and …glowy. Besides, the *cough cough clear throat* he does after the first flirt is priceless. Your tips were very helpful! I’ve been having a helluva time with the Friend/Rivalry point thing. Thanks :}

    • Oh my god, Anders. He was so preachy. I wish they’d given him a little more, maybe some hidden agenda rather than constant whining and moaning about his plight. Someone actually commented lower down about how unbelievably heartwrenching it would have been to have Anders as a romance, a suave, charming, amazing badass with the spirit of Justice, only to have the events at the end unfold because Justice takes over… I would have loved him and I would have bawled. Instead, they made it kinda easy to turn on him in the end because of all his whining. :/

  12. Back again. Just such a fun thread to write on! πŸ˜‰

    I finally got to act 2 and anders’s quest which i finished early because i was extremely interested to see how his romance played out for myself since i have been immersing myself in Fenris. (HA! if only literally. :P)

    So i couldn’t decide if the first Anders kiss was really hot and passionate, or if he was just slobbering all over me. I go back and forth. The dialogue i kind of liked, when he FINALLY strayed away from his agenda long enough to tell me that he was a man and I had to stop teasing him. I didn’t realize I got that many opportunities to tease him!
    I also enjoyed the dialogue where he says “If the door to your room is open tonight, I will come to you,…”. Nice to think on that. Also I enjoyed the coquettish phrasing of “Justice doesn’t approve of my obsession with you.”
    However, the whole romance definitely whirlwinded, woah. He expresses interest in you, you don’t turn him away, and he becomes a psyco stalker!
    I wasn’t a big fan of my options when it came to him moving in…definitely a little sappy and too quick for my taste. The first time i picked the “I love you” option after mattress mambo resulted in a steady string of grimaces after i listened to the syrupy diaglogue ensuing. Oh Anders! I want you and your dirty socks to stay with me until death! (Sorry for everyone that loved that dialogue)
    The kiss before mambo was nice, but after the first hot/slobber kiss I was expecting more passion not just me leading him to the bed and him laying on me peacefully. Where is the shoving against the wall and Justice making a woman out of me? πŸ˜‰
    I’m interested to see if this is the virtual end of the romance as well. I know the Fenris romance has the super hot passionate makeout session before the final battle, but at the beginnings of Act 2, have I basically topped out on Anders? SIGH.


    • Oh my god, Lyssah, I LOVED that make out with Anders the first time. I mean, that was the hottest thing they had for the Female Hawke/ Fenris OR ANders romance options. I wish Fenris had such a scene as well. Swear to god, I blush every time that make out happens (cause I’ve taken to playing my most recent playthrough with a sad and dejected Hawke. When Fenris leaves she drowns her sorrows making out with everybody, but when they show up lookin for nooky, she stops the romance. As a result, I had a dramatic scene when Anders shows up at the house and calls Fenris a beast and I kicked his ass out! It was EPIC! πŸ™‚

      And seriously, he bangs you and then says, So, can I move in or what?

      No thanks… πŸ˜›

      • Dragon age 2 is by far one of the best games I have ever played! πŸ™‚ So I have played it once all the way through by just romancing Fenris. I’m playing again but I want to add more drama to the love life >:) is it possible to romance fenris, and after he leaves you romance anders, and before the sex scene with him , reject him saying you still love fenris? I guess what I’m trying to ask is, will fenris take you back if you just flirt with anders but don’t have sex with him? Thanks in advance πŸ˜€

  13. When it comes to Dragon Age 2 I agree with the way the romance worked. I miss hearing Zevran tell me over and over that I was about to be boraded, and then seeing his man-chest….Mmmm….Man-chest.

    I’m not really good at the fighting bits of games, I play it for the story. Proof of my gender? Perhaps. But it was so -great- in DA:O! Mass effect made me angry because of the way the dialoge worked. Three options+Investigate. That was it. And when I started to Romance Anders the changes in the game that brought it to the cut-and-paste-RPG style of ME became horribly clear.

    I’m very disappointed with DA2. I spent 90% of my time in the same places and missed the great options I could say to my foes and friends. I don’t -care- if they voice it over or not! ARGH!


    I miss DA:O. 😦

    • I’m so with you. I’m hoping sincerely that they get the third one right. Or at least bring out some downloadable content for DA2 that gives back some of those missing pieces while we wait for DA3.

      Fail Bioware!

  14. Anyone rival romance Anders? It gets very cool toward the end, and even a blind nug can tell he’s planning something. I actually felt horrible for my character in a rivalmance with Anders, she watched as the man she loved slowly went insane,(there are more conversations about his plans,) and there was nothing she could do. (Making it not the best romance for fluff, but it’s still worth doing on a playthrough)

    As for Fenris, his rival/friendship romances are both worth it, so much raw emotion, and of course the soft expressions. So delicious! I never actually thought I would like Fenris as much as I did. A Fenris romance does beat an Anders Friendship romance, and is much higher on the fluff meter on a Rival romance.

    Overall, Fenris is a better fluffy romance, and Anders is better in an emotional downfall sort of way. (on rival mode for sure!) It really depends on if you feel like tragedy of if you only want the warm fuzzies.

    • I totally can’t bring myself to rival anyone practically. I actually started rivalmancing Sebastian while my Hawke was recovering from Fenris’ leaving, and that was getting pretty cool. He actually makes comment about taking you as his bride when he becomes prince. Still…can’t do it. I want Fenris. πŸ™‚

  15. I liked Anders a lot in Awakening when he was basically a less naive Alistair, so I was really disappointed with how he turned out here. I wish more of his sense of humor and cavalier approach to everything had been retained in this game, even if it was just as a shield he kept up to hide what Justice’s possession was doing to him. Or as a desperate attempt to hold on to his old self. It would make the whole thing seem more tragic and human, rather than him just becoming a one-track-mind revolutionary that you can’t romance without condoning his actions.

    • I completely agree. He went from utter romance material in Awkakenings (though I couldn’t think of him that way, being married to Alistair, kind of Fereldan. ;)) to almost tedious. One track minds rarely exist in the real world, at least to that extent. :/

  16. I also rivalmanced Fenris, but I had a slightly different romance scene from the one you posted. It was this one:

    I wonder what the prompt was to get the other one?

  17. This is a good article, I’m playing the game through again and I’m trying to romance Fenris. The first time i romanced Anders and i didn’t mind it…but just one question, did anyone else have Anders leave after the mission that he says is to gather stuff to get rid of Justice? He went into the chantry and told me to distract people, then i went back to the clinic to see him and he said we couldn’t be together and i could no longer have him in my party. I’ve talked to others that romanced Anders and they didn’t have this problem…was it a glitch?

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  19. So totally agree with you all – I played a male Hawke warrior and couldnt understand how I loved fenris…til I did a bit of googling and discovered that Fenris is played by the first game love of my life Baltier in FF12. Now you’ve inspired me to play as a female so I can drool further and I am so disappointed with how alistair looked. Bet the guy players aren’t complaining though! πŸ˜‰

    • Right? Alistair older turned into Alistair haggard! They should have given him grey temples or a bit of scruff to show age, now saggify his face! BOO!

  20. I agree with you 100%. In ways, Dragon Age II completely blew me away(the combat, character design,and FENRIS!) and in others disappointed me(Limited dialogue/interaction with characters, limited world, not being able to get it on whenever you wanted.) I liked Anders in Awakening. Perhaps it was because he was an Alistair-type character, with his witty and funny comments. But in Dragon Age II, he pissed me off SO much!! I couldn’t stand it! With his moping and whining about being a mage and oppressed. Don’t get me wrong, I hated how the mages were locked up in the tower and treated like they weren’t even human, but DAMN! Anders, you can’t fix shit, now can you? He killed The Grand Cleric and all the innocent people in the Chantry.(SHE WAS A NICE LADY!) Granted I did hate the Chantry, for mistreating all those who didn’t follow their way of life. *Cough* The Qunari *Cough* But come on, in real life, that’s how everyone acts. And I do agree that nothing would have changed if we had gotten the old bag involved, but when I was at the end and I was like, “Get the Grand Cleric to stop your bitching” and Anders came up, I just KNEW! I knew that this pussy-ass bitch had screwed me over. >.> But Fenris, oh man, FENRIS! He was AMAZING! I loved his white-silvery hair, intricate tattoos, his eyes, his ears, *cough* and the way his clothes showed off his body. I don’t know if it was intended or maybe just my fangirl imagination, but whenever we got into a fight and I charged to kill an enemy, Fenris was always right next to me, helping me kill the guy. His voice entanced me, and I never quite got over the fact that the game NEVER showed what’s under those clothes of his. Not once! So much anticipation I had had up until that point, and afterwards I had stared at my TV screen, saying to myself, “That was it?” Could have had a BIT more. Also, Fenris was the ONLY character that I know of that changes his appearance during the romance. It was nothing big, of course, but the fact that he had a red band around his wrist touched me. Multiple times. Lol just kidding, but I truly was touched by it. I relished in the fact at the end he kisses your character.(I squeed) I was happy that when Varric was telling the Seeker about what happened to all your companions, Fenris stayed with me, but I wanted to know so bad what happened to everyone else. I didn’t kill Anders at the end because he had spells that Merril didn’t, and so I wanted the templars to find him and slit his throat. >_>

    • No he does! He has it programmed into his tactics to protect you! I actually noticed it most when I was in romance with him. At one point I was fighting alongside him, getting into a relationship with Anders (only to break up with him when he called Fenris a beast. What can you expect though, he left me high and dry! :P) and I was knocked unconscious during a battle. He screamed “NO! I will not allow it!” and went running to where I’d just been taken down. It gave me chills. That was one of the BEST game moments, and it was so tiny and simple. Bioware is SO capable of getting it right that it stinks when they don’t do so.


  21. I completely agree with everything you said. I wish there was more interaction between your companions too. I liked how in the first Dragon Age you could talk to your companions as much as you wanted. Plus, you could have more than one romantic nights. The sex scenes if you were a female Hawke were very pathetic. They could have been much better. I am very glad I chose Fenris, because I really got mad when Anders blew up the chantry. I want to play through again as a mage and maybe see Anders side better. Still don’t know if it is worth it.

    • Honestly, even as a mage it is almost impossible to see it from his side. They don’t show ANY good mages in the entire game, I swear to god. The one that Anders almost kills isn’t bad, but she’s IT! Makes it really difficult in the end to side with anyone really.

  22. I have to say that I so agree! I have been waiting for this sequel to come out and found myself disappointed and a bit let down. The story was good, mind you, but the dialogue between characters was extremely lacking and repetitious to say the least.
    The story and deep romance was what made me fall in love with DAO in the first place. In DAO you could click on a companion and get a different answer most of the time. And your choices mattered more. And after I added the nudity mod the sex scenes got really good, except for the fact that the men had perpetual hard-ons.
    I don’t understand why Boiware would take a game that won best RPG of the year and ruin it by removing all of the things that made us love it to begin with. Also, I have to add that the once beautiful elves of DAO are now huge-earred, skinny, alien-looking people in DA2. Zevearn’s appearance scared me to death.
    I wish we could get a ton of responces together and send them to Boiware so that maybe they could create a couple mods to fix these things and give us our beloved game back! Thanks for letting me rant.

  23. Even after reading all this, I can’t decide between them. I originally wanted to romance Anders, then I met Fenris, so I wanted a rivalmance with him (I would have prefered a friendly romance with all the lovey-dovey crap (another reason for wanting Anders) but I’m going to side with the mages and he wont like that!). But now I read he leaves, so I’m back to Anders. But Fenris is HOT (!), and I won’t/can’t wait around for him, and now I’m very confused! And I just can’t decide! Help?!
    Why isn’t there another Alistair? He was perfect! And I even became royalty when marrying him! Major advantage!

    • I know! Alistair is PERFECT! (though all the BOYS hated him… hmm, jealous much?) But yet, I know a lot of girls who loved Zev more, etc. so I guess BioWare is trying to please all of us? So many women–so many personalities to suit! Must be a challenge, really.

      I like both Fenris and Anders–I like a man who believes in something bigger than himself, and Anders is the mage Malcolm X, and I really respect that. And I got so mad when Fenris gets childish and can’t work on a problem like an adult… for *three years.* BUT his voice actor is better and he’s written better with some of the dialogue bits, so… Anders in reality, Fenris in the game, can I say that?

      I didn’t become a queen with my first Alistair romance; he didn’t want it, so I ran off to be Wardens with him. πŸ˜€ Second time though, I was totally queen! πŸ˜‰

      I just hope BioWare listens to ALL of us when they write 3, and we get *more* romancable characters, so the people who want sweet can have that, the people who want hot passion can have that, and those who want something in between are also happy, ya know? We all have different desires AND different moods… maybe today I’ll be in the mood for Sebastian’s wishy-washiness! … nah.


    • See, even if you romance Anders, he is practically absent as well for the duration that Fenris would be gone.

      Anders will be at your house, but he doesn’t talk to you. There is ONE extra flirty “let’s go make out” scene with Anders in Act 3, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that otherwise, he literally almost seems only interested in you if you side with him and give him a place to live.

      With Fenris, when he leaves, he’s still in love with you, will freak out if you fall in combat (even if he knows you’ve been flirting with Anders), and wears your favor around his wrist and confesses that leaving was the hardest thing he has ever done. It’s almost MORE satisfying to have Fenris leave you, than to have Anders Stay.

      Wait, no…not almost. IT IS! πŸ™‚ At least Fenris really loves your character. Anders only cares about his agenda. Wah!

  24. I’ve read all your posts connecting to DA2 and I have to say, I completely agree.

    Why, Bioware, would you omit my make-out sessions on a whim? After burning my corneas out from playing the game 12 hours straight yesterday, I did have fun, but I asked myself, what was lacking? Fenris totally saved the romantic character prospect; he was my Allistar, although I suppose Anders was meant to be the true replacement (not by a long shot, btw).

    That being said, I have no desire to try and replay as a male character, if I’m striving for a female companion. Who to choose, the annoyingly timid can’t finish her own sentences elf or the slutty pirate? Hmmm.

    For shame, Bioware. I’d thought after the masterpiece that was DA:O, you’d realize girls DO play your game and LOVE the ability to talk/flirt with your romantic interest, NOT just when it’s tied into a quest. Seriously. Not that I’m entirely disappointed in the game (as you pointed out many great aspects in your other posts) BUT there are a lot of character interactions extremely lacking. If it wasn’t for sexy Fenris, wisecracking Varric, and the witty banter between Fenris/Anders/other characters, that aspect of the game would be lost.

    Fenris: PLEASE be in the 3rd, or an equally hot/tortured/’brooding’ but deep character. With his shirt off. Also GIVE BACK OUR ABILITY TO FREELY TALK TO CHARACTERS. No more of this quest linked bullshit that causes a relationship to develop over 3 instances.

    Are you sending that letter to Bioware, from your other post? You really should. Us female DA fans need to be heard πŸ™‚

    • “he was my Allistar, although I suppose Anders was meant to be the true replacement (not by a long shot, btw).”

      Right?? RIGHT????? πŸ™‚

      And I did actually write that letter to Bioware directly before posting. I’ve said my peace, as they say. πŸ™‚

  25. Amazing post, I agreed with EVERYTHING you said on here. My gut feeling was to go with Fenris at first too but after seeing some of his angry reactions, I decided to go with Anders. On my 2nd playthrough, I realized how wrong I was – yup, so glad that I romanced Fenris!
    I agree with ya’ll about us girls needing a bigger voice. We are sooo overlooked in the gaming industry. They should totally put more thought into the female romances as well as male.

  26. I also wanted to mention that one of my male (married!) friends was bitching about the *female* LIs. He says Merrill is so naive, he feels like a pedophile around her, and Isabela is just… ew. So I guess really we (straight) girls (and gay men) have it better this time in THAT respect… we may not get all we want out of the scenes, but we do get better quality lovers. πŸ˜€

    And yay for men who also care about the romances! His wife is an Alistair freak, too… told her I would totally shank her if I had too. >_>

    • That’s amazing to hear the perspective of a guy gamer. The DA:O options were Morrigan (hard ass with a softy side if you break it down) and Leliana (sweetheart with a hardass side if you get to know her). Much deeper, more intriguing romance gals, I’d think. Though, I did actually kinda like Isabella. Though, as bff’s naturally, since I was madly in love with Fenris. Didn’t stop me from flirting with her when he left me. Wonh wonh!

      • First, THANKS for this article. I’m a total n00b in my first playthrough on Xbox, and this helped me successfully romance Fenris (I’m playing a female Hawke rogue).


        I agree about Isabella. She’s a fun character. I did the BFF thing with her too, although I have to admit, I was so whipped after so many battles at the end of Act 2 (and after several hours of playing), I finally just handed her over to Arishok. I tried dueling with Arishok and alternatively fighting against his minions several times, but they kept kicking my butt.

        The cut scene after you betray her is really funny, she calls you a bitch, then she leaves your party permanently. You find out in Act 3 that she stole the book, jumped off the ship and got away again.

        Next time I’m going to level up my characters differently and see if I can defeat Arishok.

        I am just starting to play DAO, so DA2 was my first exposure to the series – I think both games are very well written and good fun. And highly addictive.

  27. Thank you for posting this. I thought I’d go for Anders, since he’s less prickly (and I don’t like the way Fenris always pauses to look at his feet like he’s stepped in something), but they’re both kinda scary… (I miss my puppy-prince Alistair! I could count on him to be lawful-good..) After your argument for Fenris, though.. I’ll have to give him another chance.

    And since we’re airing grievances, I must say I’ve been struggling with the dialogue in DA2. The option I choose often feels misleading between the text choice and the actual spoken dialogue. Hawke speaks, and I think, “Stop! That’s not what I meant by that line!!” It keeps me very unsteady with my answers. 😦 I am glad I can change battle difficulty so easily, though – hardcore battle tactics is NOT what I play these games for.

    And wouldn’t it be fantastic if someday they made a game that was intended for the gamer-girls, with all these fuzzy goodies to savor and squeal over? Something cool, not a ridiculous dating sim or something. There are more of us out there than they think..

    (PS~ Knight Commander Cullen is voiced by KotOR2’s Disciple (Greg Ellis, who also has a bigger role in the new PotC movie, yay!) – I was pleased to recognize him.)

    • I completely agree! I’ve gone for the humor choice several times, thinking, “Yeah, I’d say that.” Then, instead she says something extremely offensive and not at all humorous and I get rivalry points out of it. Definitely misleading.

      • And since you mention Cullen…I’ve wanted to game make out with his face since playing a mage in DA:O. He has a crush on your female character if you play the mage origin. When he returned in DA2 I was PRAYING to be able to romance him because he seems like a truly good character…still no. :/

  28. I did a search for the romance of Fenris and I read your comments and completely agree with you. Bioware totally let the ball drop with the romance in DA2. I really wished I could talk to the characters more often like in DA1 and I would feel more involved into the story line. Its like they take comments from ppl and do a complete 180 and go from one extreme to another. There is no happy medium.

    I’m hoping for DA3 they do consider the female game players they have and make it more interesting for us women to play. I would like to add to your comment.

    *Spoiler* (Really? no I mean if you haven’t played DA1 why are you playing DA2?)

    In DA1 you could receive gifts from the NPC, such as Alistair’s Rose, but in DA2 you had to give give give and no one gave you anything… except for the merchants but you would have to complete quests.

    I played as a rogue, in DA1 you could switch weapons during the game in the radial menu but in DA2 it was taken away…. WHY?? I have no IDEA!!!!!

    I would love it if they could continue the story line… I mean in DA1 I got my character into a high level only to be disappointed that I couldn’t play her again… Fine no worries but my character is mentioned as “the old ball and chain” by Alistair… Really???? I would have loved to see my character again. or more info from DA1.

    I do hope Bioware cleans up their act and get down and dirty and gritty to make sure DA3 is amazing. Now that they did both games they can take the best from both and put it together. More interaction within players, more of a fluid continuation and less sexist remarks…

    • RIGHT! I went up against the Arishok as a rogue who had focused ALL her abilities on Archery. I was FUCKED!

      I had to keep pausing with radial menu to switch to blades in order to backstab him every few seconds. Was the HARDEST battle I’ve ever managed to beat in DA:O or DA2. With a simple button push in DA:O I could have switched it out. You’re SO right.

  29. Wow, I havent been here in a while. i LOVE all us girly women saying the same things!! awesome.

    @AnthonyMaxMommy: I agree on the Alistair “old ball and chain” comment…I was like WTF??? Also, if you ended up being queen and importing your saved game, would it really have been that hard for Bioware to import your looks and have your DA:O character show up with Alistair and meet your new self as the champion of Kirkwall? That would have been SUCH a cool moment. They could have played the theme music from DA:O in the background. Would have been so powerful. GRRRRrrrrrrrrr….

    Conspiracy Theory…:
    Do you think Bioware is intentionally stiffing its girl players in the romance and “touchy feely” department because there are still more guy players than girl players and they don’t want the game series to get a reputation as a “girl game”?
    Just saying….


    • See, I’m thinking they are trying to build up to something epic. The warden disappears (if you read the epilogue at the end of DA:O) and in the end of DA2 the Champion disappears. Maybe DA3 will explain their disappearances and bring them back. THAT WOULD BE EPIC!!!

      And you’re so right. Alistair would have never called my Warden a Ball and Chain, she was a sweetheart.

  30. “Fenris does NOT move in with your character. He plans to stay with you til his death, but moving into your mansion is not on his agenda, which is fitting to his β€˜finally a free man’ character.”

    I thought they confirmed this as a glitch…

    • Nope. Bioware actually dispelled that rumor on their forums cause I was SERIOUSLY pissed he didn’t move in at first. In the guide (if you bought the strategy guide like the geek I AM! :P) it says he will. Apparently there are a few misprints in the guide, sadly.

      I would LOVE to get a patch where you CAN get him to move in, instead of squatting in hightown with his window overlooking your courtyard. πŸ˜‰

  31. OMG! I just got the game a while ago and when I first saw Fenris My reaction was -“Yeeeeaahhh… That’s who i’m having my romance with!” just because he was super hot.
    I have two games going now to try out both guys because before I read this, I was getting a little peeved out at the lack of sex scenes and raunchy dialogue/any dialogue! After reading this, I’m looking forward to Fenris in Act 3 and I think I’m going to dump my Anders game.

    As for the conspiracy theory, all I know is that there were ‘some’ complaints from straight men that they were upset male characters in the first DA would flirt with you without being prompted (Zevran – who is a hottie). I remember telling this to my husband (who is a Zevran fan) and he just laughed, replying -“Welcome to the world of being a woman, where men are always hitting on you whether you want them to or not. I don’t feel bad for those guys at all”-
    Also, I feel the game was rushed, so that may be why we feel shafted with the whole dialogue/romance stuff.

    • Your husband is a great man. πŸ™‚

      And it’s funny, because they played down the romance/sex scenes, and instead made EVERY Love Interest option bisexual. I personally liked the idea that if you wanted Alistair, you had to be a girl, because that was his character. Same with Morrigan. In this one, everyone swings every which way, which works for a couple of the characters, but I don’t think all. Sebastian is the only one, as far as I know, who is officially straight.

  32. I sooo agre with You in that romance matter.
    But if there will be sequel of DA2 and if there will be Fenris… And voice actor of him (Gideon Emery) will change… I BOYCOTT the game XD I just can’t image anther voice for him (just like Balthier in FF12).

  33. How did you get to the part where it starts of with him saying he’s been “thinking of you”, like in your video? I’ve never seen that. I got to the part where we had the talk about that one night he left but nothing really after that…

    • When you do A Bitter Pill, you go home and find him there. When he turns to leave, if you’ve already completed his Questioning Beliefs quest, there will be an option to say “Don’t Go.” If you do, he jumps you.


      If you let him go, OR wait to do Questioning Beliefs until AFTER Hadriana is killed, when you go home (at night only) he will be waiting with that furrow that just melts me everytime! πŸ™‚

  34. I seriously almost cried when I realized there was no talking to your companions outside of quests…or gift giving like in DR:O. what genius thought replacing every interaction with a quest was a good idea? to me, that change alone took away what made DR:O so mind-blowingly awesome. I loved making Zevran ‘come to my tent’ just to giggle about it. As a lesbian, I really REALLY hate having to watch straight sex/romance happen…so not having any REAL sex scenes with the boys made me an angry panda. I really just wanted to see my mage throw scrawny little Fenris down and have his way with him, but NO! In what other instance would the mage be having his way with the warrior? Fenris is way too pretty and dainty looking for me to take seriously as an aggressive sort of lover. Of course, if every romantic angle got covered in these games, they’d take years more to develop, but how hard is it to have a little manflesh showing, as you’ve all said so eloquently? My biggest complaint about DR:O was not being able to buttsex Alistair as a male warden. My biggest complaint about DR2 is I can’t even get my lover to say something other than “we should move on” or “hawke” when I try to chat with the fucker in his house. Why give them all homes if we can’t go chill with them there and have a nice long and amusing dialogue? I thoroughly enjoy the fighting, the companions chatting amongst themselves and the rest of the story, but without a satisfying romance I get bored much, MUCH more quickly. I like the sexual angle, so shoot me. I’m glad I found this particular posting and got to feel a little reaffirmation from other ladies who feel cheated on the romance. It seems most of you are into the straight romancing and not so much the buttsex, but hopefully the romance arcs aren’t too different if you’re playing a male? I know Anders tells you Karl was β€œhis first” when you’re male as opposed to female, but can you still get Fenris to flirt with you first? It’s pretty lulzy to think he gives a female Hawke the same funny look and cough you get as a male when you hit on him. Also, am I the only one who thinks Denarius probably raped Fenris when he was a slave? When you finally get to fight him, he throws off some pretty creepy, buttraping vibes if you ask me and Fenris seems pretty stressed by it…mayhaps I’m reading into things too much lol?

    • I didn’t know Anders said that to a guy. That’s amazing. I know with Fenris, he admits the Male Hawke is his first male experience.

      As far as Danarius, I had that thought for a bit, but after listening to in party banter, there is a conversation between him and Isabella about his days as a slave, being oiled up and a glistening whenever Danarius wanted him. His response is wicked cavalier. “You already have a story made up in your mind, don’t you?” And she says, MMMMMMMmmmmmm….

      If he’d been abused like that, I theorize that banter would have been more tense. but who knows? πŸ™‚

  35. There is one more scene, I haven’t been able to find how to make it work, but its far steamier and saucier than the others. In Act 3, if you have a rivalry with him, the scene after his sister is very different. He apologizes and swears he will be by your side forever…. Sigh, got to love the manly man showing his soft side. Makes a girl shiver.

  36. I stumbled onto this site when I was looking up some Fenris info, and after I started to read it I was hooked! So much of what is said here are things that I have been saying to myself (or in the case of Anders, out loud at the screen) since starting DA2.

    Female gamers are a growing demographic (waves hands at Bioware) “helloooo, yes thats us here in the trenches along with the guys,” so it would be great to see a game created that keeps us in mind. This is not to say DA2 has left women out since I truly don’t believe that, just that they could have taken things one step further and really nailed it (no pun intended!) I drove my BF nuts for about a week after completing a playthrough with an Anders romance by constantly ranting about weak dialogue and making grandiose claims like “Bioware needs to hire me damnit!” Lol.

    Fenris is my personal favorite as many of you are saying too, but I do feel badly for the Anders character – not for how he IS (made me want a “please just stop talking” dialogue option) but for how he COULD have been. *** May contain spoilers*** I mean, think of the Anders from Awakenings with his charm and wit merged to a spirit of Justice and you could have had some seriously scortching scenes with real potential for drama. Remember in DA1 when you had romanced Alistair and then found out how exactly an arch-demon was killed? For me that was an honest moment of “Oh holy crap.” Now imagine if you had charming Anders, glowing eyes and sense of purpose and all, in a romance that united you to his cause (instead of making you want to tape his mouth shut) and then finding out that if you chose to stay with him you are condemning innocents to certain death. It could have been almost gut-wrenching but alas, I was instead just glad to have Anders shut up for a few minutes.

    Hmm, now that I think of it I go back to my original grandiose statement… “hire me Bioware!” Lol.

    • And you’re so right about the Anders story Arc. If they’d made him badass and half Justice and let the agenda lay hidden a bit more, that final scene would have brought me to tears!!!! As it was, I was just super disappointed.

      Bioware!!! Hire Shana Rees! πŸ˜‰

  37. I’ve been loading and saving games like crazy trying to work out how to get the alternative romance scene with Fenris (the one where you say ‘don’t go’ as you touch his arm, he glows and then slams YOU into the wall & kiss). Do you have to be in rivalry? I’ve tried both sides of the spectrum (friend and rivalry) and no alternate scene. Is there a specific order of events that needs to be followed? does it matter which class you play?

    Can someone walk me through it? πŸ™‚

    • Get his friendship (or rivalry) to at least fifty percent in Act 1 if you can. If not, do A Bitter Pill at the start of Act 2. (1) Do Speak to Fenris. Then 2) take him in your party into Sundermount and fight off the slavers. 3) Take him to Hadriana and LET HIM KILL HER. Then ask if he’s ok, and flirt. He storms off. 4) Go home to him, flirt, be sweet, but let him leave. Do NOT use the heart option if it give it to you. 5) if you haven’t already, visit him at home and do the Questioning Beliefs quest. Flirt heavily and use every opportunity to ask about his life. When he says, “Perhaps with you it would be different.” say you’re willing.
      6) Go home at NIGHT and jump him. He WILL be there. πŸ™‚

      Have fun!!!

    • Oh wait! You want the other one! Ok, So BEFORE you do A Bitter Pill (don’t take him to Sundermount or go hunt Hadriana) get him to fifty friendship (or rivalry) then go to his house and complete Questioning Beliefs. Flirt heavily, say you’re willing. THEN do A Bitter Pill. At the end of the quest (if you’ve done his Questioning Beliefs quest first), there will be an option to say DON’T GO. It will ONLY come up if Questioning Beliefs is done first and Questioning Beliefs ONLY come up if they like you enough…or hate you enough. Take your pick. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks Caitlin! I’ll give it a shot tonight and let you know I go.

        Just to make sure – you can be either uber friendly or uber rivalry to get this scene right?

        oh also, which Sundermount quest are you talking about?

        BTW – I LOVE your blog and totally concur with everything you’ve said about DA2, Anders etc… *high fives*

      • Oh, so you can get him to pin YOU against the wall? I thought it was pretty odd, slamming himself against it with you in front.. not very masculine.. The more comments I read here, the more I think I’ll have to do another couple play-throughs..

  38. After reading the reply about Cullen I had to speak up and say me too! When are they going to let that hot templar be a romance option? If anything he was even better in DA2 than DAO. I was so disappointed he’s still not available.

  39. I agree with Fenris being the better choice. He caught my intrest from the start. When I met Anders I flirted twice and he seemed a bit obsessive. ._. It was awkward. Plus, in the quest where you need to find your mother, he wasn’t very sensitive. =_= I was wishing there was a smack button due to his snarky little comment. Plus..Fenris is loyal, extremely loyal actually..And the whole ‘I can’t’ thing just makes him better. Unlike Anders who’s nuts. True, he has a point with the mages but he reminds your character and everyone who will listen 24/7. I liked that Chantry mother woman..She was the only sane person and he blew her up! D:< Not cool, Anders. Not cool.

  40. Love your post here, and totally agree! I loved Anders from Awakenings, and had figured I’d romance him when I started. The early pics I saw of Fenris didn’t really do it for me… a bit too skinny and emo after love-of-my-life Alistair. But then I MET HIM!! *dang* He takes smolder to a whole new level, which underscored to me, yet again, how much character matters over just looks. I mean, of course, I also thought he was attractive, just not nearly as attractive as when he’s growling at you and his eyes are smoldering from behind those bangs. I was swept away, despite the fact that I kept wanting to correct his posture and I was worried I’d snap him in half when we had sex.

    So, I figured I’d romance Anders the next time, since from what I’d seen from my poking around with reloads he would be fun, too. I liked how much more straight forward romancey Anders’ dialogue was — all the teasing dialogue, the hot make out scene at his clinic (although I did pity his voice actor for the slobber sounds), the fact that he actually uses the “L” word. But then I was so SHOCKED about the terrorist thing…I’m still not sure I want to continue with the Anders romance thing now on playthrough 2. I’m hoping that being in a romance with him when it happens will give it more… epic scope or gutwrenching depth than him just being a fanatic murderer. A girl can hope!

    On a final note, I do hope Bioware takes comments like these from women gamers to heart, since I also wished they’d left in some of the romance features from DA:O. I mean, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! But, that said, I hope they don’t get discouraged by our grousing…even with these limitations, they’ve still done an amazing job of serving our demographic that many (most?) other games don’t even attempt. And despite their seemingly male slant on the (sex) relationships, I thought my BFF friendship with Isabela was amazingly balanced and cool. I found myself really liking her, and appreciated the lack of the stereotypical bitchy-competitive female friendship.

  41. Woohoo!! I finally got the alternative Fenris scene when he glows & pushes YOU against the wall πŸ™‚

    The reason i never got it before was because i didn’t have enough friendly points. I just redid all the quests and went with what Fenris supports/approves and walla πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the advice Caitlin πŸ™‚

    • *sniffles* I can’t get that one to trigger off. I’m pretty deep into rivalry and tried both the ways Caitlin suggested. Still no dice. Any advice?

      Just to make sure, this isn’t a “PC only” option, right?

      It’s sad how desperate I am for this! πŸ™‚

      • I’ve been doing a bit of testing of this on my current rivalmance playthrough (PC, tho), as I hadn’t seen the other version, where he leaves and returns. Now, I was at 100% rival, but I’ve heard that you only need to be above 50% during act 2(?). Anyway, I found that, for me, it depended only on the order of doing bitter pill and questioning beliefs. If I did q.b. before I got the bitter pill quest, so I was “officially” romancing him, then his nighttime visit after killing Hadriana becomes the booty call, and so can end with the glowy, him-pushing-you thing. I chose all the heart options, and otherwise, the diplomatic options. “I was worried about you”, “let your past go”, “it’s eating you up”, “is that it?”[<– LOL]

        But, if you do bitter pill first, then go home, he shows up and leaves (so, no "is that it?" option). Then, once you do quest beliefs and return home again, he'll show up at your house with the "command me to go" gig, and then that's the booty call. I did the same things in both: hired the elf slave, let fen kill Hadriana, flirted when I could, and was otherwise diplomatic.

        Incidentally, on my friendship playthrough I also got it by doing quest beliefs first. So, like caitin said, but the order seems to really be important. Dunno if that helps!

      • Don’t worry Heather, I was like you – hell bent on getting ‘THAT’ scene!

        I got this scene on my third play through as a mage (did it as a warrior first, then a rogue).

        This time, I made a conscious effort to flirt with him at every opportunity and chose outcomes to situations which I knew would earn friendly points (took a few saves and reloads to get it right). I found myself looking away from the screen at times when I had to choose an anti-mage option from the dialogue wheel – i felt like the biggest hypocrite! Ah, the things we do for love πŸ˜›
        Make sure you take him on quests where you know you can get a big boost of friendly points. See below for a good summary for Act 1:

        Act of Mercy: Telling Grace to go back to the circle: Fenris: friendship (+5)

        Enemies Among Us: Recommending Keran be sent to the Circle: Fenris: friendship (+5).

        An Errant Letter: Pay me or I’ll expose you: Fenris: friendship (+10)

        Visiting the Gallows with him in the party, pick: The Circle is necessary. Fenris: friendship (+5)
        Note: This will net Anders: rivalry (+5) if you have Anders in your party.

        Long Way Home: When Merrill opens the barrier with blood magic, pick: The demon, you mean. Fenris: friendship (+10)

        Long Way Home: When settling Merrill into her new home, choosing to tell her that It may not be a good idea to visit her soon will earn you Fenris: friendship (+5)

        Wayward Son: Declaring Feynriel a menace: Fenris: friendship (+10)

        Wayward Son: Telling Danzig he can’t go, or possibly letting Fenris torture him during : Fenris: friendship (+10)

        Wayward Son: In the caverns before combat, the slaver has a knife to Feynriel’s neck; telling the slaver to go ahead and kill Feynriel: Fenris: friendship (+10)

        Wayward Son: Sending Feynriel to The Circle: Fenris: friendship (+10)

        After Enemies Among Us: Speak with Knight-Captain Cullen and side with the templars: Fenris: friendship (+5).

        I did all of the above and was almost maxed out on friendly points by the end of Act 1!

        **Also, I ONLY flirted/romanced Fanris so no choosing the heart option for any other companions**

        The comes Act 2… make sure you do his Questioning Beliefs quest BEFORE you do A Bitter Pill and walla! πŸ™‚ You will get glowy Fenris slamming your Hawke against the wall & then the wild monkey dance proceeds…

        I hope this helps!! πŸ™‚

  42. Even though there are a billion comments on this, I have to add in too. I LOVE and agree with everything you said. Hands up sisters for girl gamers’ opinions!

    Like others, I’m doing a second play through and trying Anders out. I kind of had hopes that there might be a way to convince him not to do what he does as a romance interest, but.. alas. DA2 has that sort of inevitable feeling to it, right? Like none of your decisions really matter the characters will do it with or without you. *sigh*

    But I digress. Ignoring the awkward start, once you’re into it, the Anders romance is nice. You know, ignoring the fact that I know he becomes a crazy terrorist later. Before he becomes a hard-lining zealot for his cause, it was sweet. Even so, I couldn’t help but love on Fenris every time I saw him. I figured what’s the harm in trying out that romance first and then getting with Anders later to see how it went. I played through as both male and female and things go a bit differently. Sadly, I only hurt myself because having to choose Anders over him after flirting with the man broke my heart. One thing I can say about the pre-Anders exchange is he acknowledges your relationship with Fenris. Small victories? ugh.

    Anyway, I’m excited about this glowy, he dominates you, option. I need to try it out NOW! As a male Hawke, that scene was beyond hot with you slamming him against a wall. My imagination took me lovely places. (including the silly thought of how you got past Bodan, Sandol, your mom, and your dog, to get to your bedroom) As a female, though, it felt a little lacking. Still great, but just a little awkward.

    After having to choose Anders over Fenris, I HAD to load up my other game and re-watch the love scenes I had saved. Sadly, I saved past the sex scene in that one. That made me cry, and as pathetic as it sounds, I’m thinking of starting up the game again just to get that scene with my Hawke.

    In anycase, one more thing to add. Fenris and Anders FINALLY got to arguing about Hawke a little while ago. I missed that from Origins. The characters bickering about who you were with. :p So I was happy to heard Fenris threaten Anders with death if he ever hurt me and Anders telling Fenris he was a fool to leave me that night.

      • Just one of the random things they say to each other while traveling in your party together. It happened when I was with Fenris and then after he left me, I got with Anders. I don’t know how or what triggered it off though.

  43. Wait i have a quick question if someone can tell me. I have romanced and finished the game with both Anders and Fenris. The walk-though for Anders says “And after he moves in, your character can find his dirty socks around the house.’ I haven’t seen anything like this, can someone explain this to me. Thank you.

    • There is a spot at the foot of the bed that you can examine. If you have the dog, it will say something about the dog being on the bed, but if you don’t have that downloadable content, it will say Anders can’t pick up his dirty socks. πŸ™‚

  44. I have just finished DA2 (circumstance prevented me from playing it sooner) and while I had every intention of romancing Anders it all went straight out of the window when Fenris rocked up.

    What IS it about Fenris?

    Starting another playthrough now – Fenris left me during me the game, but he rejoined me at the end, but I didn’t get the final romance scene, which I MUST have.

    Just like Varric says there’s something about Fenris’s brooding that makes me want to swoon. Sigh.

  45. Echo, echo, echo! Bioware so dropped the ball on romance in DA2. However, the level of emotion I feel that I invested in the romances in this game far exceeds those of the original. I’m two thirds of the way through my second playthrough (romance Anders first, and this one is Fenris). I admit that Fenris definitely has a certain appeal, but I gotta say…I’ve been having a really difficult time not pursuing the rivalmance with Anders the second time through. My thoughts over the Anders thing were (despite the slobber sounds), that clinic kiss was smokin’ hot – you can’t cut tension like that with a sharp knife! I kept thinking “oh my god…I’m pretty sure that I’d put up with a small act of terrorism just to experience that kind of romance. Sad, I know. I’m desperate for Bioware to release some Anders fangirl DLC where those of us who stood by the tortured soul will be allowed to see just how they walked off (fled?) into the sunset at the conclusion of the game. *sigh/swoon*

    • I know what you mean. I romanced Fenris first, fell in love at first sight and on my second play through I was missing him something terrible while trying to get with Anders. Then, I’m on a third try (because I have things I missed and I NEED that Fenris cut scene saved damnit!) and I’m finding it hard to give up that crazy selfish mage. *sigh* That first kiss, smokin’, the love scene, really sweet. I don’t think Anders will ever top my first love, but I like how I’m missing both of them now.

      Also, random note. because I felt really betrayed by Anders when I romanced him, I’m getting out my frustrations on him this time round and saying all the wrong things. It’s fun making him a rival. I like the extra dialogue. Teehee! I can’t wait!

      • Rivalry with Anders is so much more fun than rivalry with Fenris. But yeah, I think my husband is starting to worry a little about this “fling” I’m having with the PS3. πŸ˜‰

      • Hahah, yes! I’m just happy that my wife is also neck deep in the game so I don’t have to worry all that much. Though, sometimes I think she would love if I stopped romancing the males in game.

  46. So…I was playing through last night and i havent used Varric on my other playthroughs…my party was myself, Fenris Hotpants, Varric and Merrill..
    It made me laugh so hard when Fenris asked Varric where his beard was and then asked if it fell onto his cheat….XD lol.
    It was also hilarious when Varric followed that up with Fenris being so broody…if he was more broody women would have little broody babies in his honor…hahahahahaha….

    Ahhh…good stuff.
    So, Im’ going to somehow hold myself back in this playthrough and not engage Fenris in funtime until Act 3 so I can get the alternate scene. Does he still push me against the wall…? Is there anything I need to do beyond not picking the “don’t go” option…..?


    • “It made me laugh so hard when Fenris asked Varric where his beard was and then asked if it fell onto his cheat”

      Best party banter ever! That line had me crying…as a matter of fact, any conversation Varric has about his chest hair is priceless…

      • Haha, right??
        After playing DA:O and DA:2 i can’t believe I used to get so much enjoyment out of games that didn’t have things like party banter and romance…I can’t believe how much I was missing!
        I remember the first time I was playing DA:O and randomly talking to Alistair and the “Has anyone ever told you how handsome you are” option came up…I was like….WHAT?!
        And from then on,…I was totally hooked.
        I heart Bioware for making this series how it is. ❀

  47. If no one’s tried it yet, you should load up a save somewhere and check this out. After Anders’ love scene, when he gets all Lovely with you, agree with him until he asks to move in. I tried out the “No” option when he asked last night and I was in tears with what Hawke said back.

    —* if you want to be surprised don’t read past here *—

    “What? But we talked about this.”
    “Sorry, you just weren’t that good.” *shrugs*

    Seems the Male Hawke either says something a little less offensive, or I just played him a bit more kindly than I played her and they tailor some of the dialogue to your choices.

  48. Holy hell….I’ve already got a huge ass crush on Fenris and want to romance him when I get my own copy of DA2 (for now I am playing on a friend’s copy on his XBox XD) so freaking badly. I can however see where Anders is coming from. I mean in his words he removed the compromise because there would never be a compromise between the magi and the templar. Yet, I stil think he is one hell of a prick for constantly siding with the magi and yet being an abomination himself…and then calling Fenris a hypocrite because his sister is/was a mage! I found that to be cold and mean. Another thing that ticked me off about Anders (watch me rant about this asshole mage…I could go on all day) is that he seems to be a sweet person, and yet if you choose to give up Fenris to Danarius (Which I would NEVER do but have seen on YouTube) he is ecstatic about it, as if all he wanted was to see the backside of our favorite tattooed hotty. Therefore, I totally choose Fenris over Anders any day. Fenris may have a cold exterior, but underneath that is a truly warm and kind heart. All he really wants is love, am I right? πŸ˜€

    • You make a GREAT point! I hadn’t thought about it that way. Fenris is cold on the outside, warm on the in and Anders seems like a sweetheart, but then doesn’t give a lick for you come end game.

      I had to reply because I didn’t even know it was possible to give Fenris up to Danarius! OH NO! Just thinking about it hurts my heart. How is it, though? Terrible? I’m curious to see the scene, but then I know I’m going to have to load up my romance saves and cry on his shoulder to forgive me. lol

  49. Im not here to bash cuz i agree with you on most things like the lack of nudity on the mens part. I was so looking forward to seeing the love scene with the angels singing in the background like it did when i romanced alistair. Im still Highly Disappointed about that! Before i even bought the game i heard Anders was in it and knew >>>Thats Was It. But then i seen a pic of Fenris and….it wasnt so easy. After some bouncing back in forth the answer came to me after i took both men into the fade with me….i was heartbroken when Fenris betrayed me! And so did my Other companion. But guess who resisted the demons? Thats right the abomination Anders. He was the only one who stuck by me when i really needed it. If thats not ironic i dont know what is. I lost a lot of respect for him after that. plus i didnt like alot of the rivalry points he was giving me cuz i wasnt torturing tsome hese mages whos only crime was being born that way.
    I will say that i and a handful of people out there are the only ones who still love anders crazyness and all. For me i found fenris to be too distant. we didnt feel the same way on most things. i felt sorry for some mages, he didnt. He betrayed me in the fade, and when my mom died he came into the room stood 5 feet away and said he didnt know what to say..and left. Anders stayed and told me he was always going to be there. even when i pick the dialouge option “maybe the templers were right”, he said my anger was misplaced and if i was made to take it all out on him if it helped. ,<<<<<aawwww
    Oh! and when i brought Bethany into the deep roads even though he didnt have to he brought her to the grey wardens (who remember were hunting him down for running away). And when they said no begged him by calling in a favor for your sister… he stuck his neck out for me and he didnt owe me anything. Even if he only helped because he couldnt stand to see another mage suffer that only makes him look more amazing in my eyes. Not to mention at his clinic he heals the sick for free which by the cut scene shown it takes a toll on him. i noticed that his dialouge options are much more personal than everyone elses. he is always say how amazing you, how ispirational you are to him, and how much you mean to him. When he come to your place to have your fun filled night there are like 5 times you can break up with him. other chracters dont even have that much. and to be fair he does give you fair warning saying "you dont want to get involved with me". he says it 8 million times so i really wasnt surpried when he did something drastic.
    When the ending came i stood by him. idk unlike everyone else who looked at the situation and saw a terrorist; i saw passion. honestly i out myself in his shoes looked at the situtation and said…is there any fair middle ground? And i couldnt think of a peaceful way to resolve it…. meanwhile mages are being hunted and becomeing abominations in a last ditch effort to stay free. Something had to give at some point. It gave me the feeling like it was anders and i against th world. i remember what it was like playing as a mage growing up in the circle in DAO… the harrowing and all that wasnt pretty. Isabela was right. i draw the line at people making decisions for you. if anders had only Told me of the plan instead of deceiving me i still would of helped him. I mean i never said i wanted to play as the hero.
    Neways i seen this blog of anders vs Fenris and had to speak up for anders cuz like i said Nobody likes him especially after his chantry fiasco! you can find alot more post and threads with question like this on the dragon age wiki forum. they said the same things you did. i guess great minds think alike.

    p.s on my 3rd playthrough i just had to romance fenris.his whole bad boy image just got to me.

  50. I totally agree with everything you said. I miss the extensive dialog options you can have with the characters that actually helped build the relationship, instead of WHAM! relationship time.

    In DA:O I purposely drag out the relationship with Alistair as it’s fairly easy to do given that there are a LOT of dialog options. And Leliana & Sten don’t give you too much until they know you and trust you. Seemed more realistic.

    In DAII I romanced Anders the first time. That first kiss in the clinic, damn! But he got tiresome. As soon as I realized I could romance Fenris as a mage I got to work and I haven’t looked back.

    The story in DAII seemed a bit weak to me and I really dislike the impossible choice you need to make at the end. Gee, side with the mages (who all seem to dabble, or more, in blood magic) or wipe them all out to side with the Templars. Either way the ending left me with an icky feeling. I almost always play as a good character (I’ve tried playing as a complete jerk – I just can’t do it) and I was PISSED that neither option was one that felt right.

    Yet I’ve played and completed the game multiple times for one reason only.

    Fenris. He’s the only reason I keep going back to playing the game.

    I thought the Alistair romance was good, but I think I like the broody elf much more. Just disappointed that the only time you see skin is post-sex, and only for a moment (yes I play FemHawke). I hate playing as a male char but I just might to see how the romances seem different with Isabella or Merrill (though honestly I don’t think I can keep it up that long).

    If BioWare is going to put sexy-times in a game, they need to please give equal treatment to those playing a female character. Us gamer girls are also interested in visual stimulation!

  51. I finally got the ending I wanted with Fenris. My poor husband has to listen to me harp on about Fenris all day πŸ˜‰

    I loved the part where Isabella is asking Fenris if his master oiled his skin as a slave so he would glisten. I just about died laughing when I heard that.

    Ahhhhh, Fenris I have to go for another round (maybe as a dual weapon rogue this time). I can’t get enough…

  52. You were so spot on with your description of the downsides to DA2’s romances. I miss being able to chat to the characters while walking around. Kissing Alistair to the disgust of Morrigan was one of my favorite things to do! You could get it on with your characters every time you went to camp if ya liked. The dialogue is just lacking in DA2. What there is of it is fantastic and the scene with Fenris when you chuck him against the wall is amazing, so amazing that I am just left wanting more of it!

    I keep telling people when they ask what I think of DA2, ‘If there was no Dragon Age Origins, I would say DA2 was the best game ever, but there is a DA:O so it isn’t.’ πŸ™‚

    Maybe DA3 will take the best of both to make the greatest RPG ever? Let’s hope.

  53. Hey

    I killed Anders at the end of my first game, I never read any spoilers so I did not know he was so evil. I was left sad, and my character betrayed and lonely. I am busy with my second game of Dragon Age 2 and I totally agree that Fenris is the best choice for romance. He has a hot voice and looks to kill and he has honest intentions, I absolutely love him!

    Anders just whines too much about how bad the chantry is, but he talks about how it is like in Tevinter? I think he’s an idiot.

    I also just need to say that I hoped for more when I played, but the story was not so impressive. Loved all the other features, but the rest was a waste. Hopefully they do more with the next game.

  54. Now it’s getting funny to see how much of a dick Anders can be. He topped his own best when I tried out this option:

    If you’re involved with him, side with the templars. Then, let him go.
    He runs to help the mages, of course.
    He gets a cut scene like Fenris in the tower, but when you try and tell him not to fight you, he does (yeah, even at full ( WTF Anders, you mean, like earlier this morning? ‘Cause you’re still living in my house you jerk! And what the hell man, I let you live and now you don’t even blink about killing me?

    One more reason why Fenris wins!

    • Dude, I never even THOUGHT about that. It’s so freakin true. Fenris is Loyal to YOU and Anders is…well, he’s Anders. I respect where he’s coming from for most of it, but let’s just say…I’m not bombing anyone. πŸ™‚

    • Agree! Argh, just finished my Anders friendmance on playthrough 2 and I’m so… let down. I mean, no kiss at the end when I say I’ll run away with him?? WTF? After Fenris, that was disappointing. But, I LOL’d when, par for the course, one of the last things he said to me in random Hawke mansion banter before leaving for “Last Straw” was “I should find a nicer place.” Dickhead, just go back to your clinic hovel then!

  55. Crap! I accidentally put that in html tags

    The missing part of that post went something like this:

    …He gets a cut scene like Fenris in the tower, but when you try and tell him not to fight you, he does (yeah, even at full blue)
    He says, “I loved you once.”

    ONCE?! *grrr WTF Anders…

    • No effing way. Just unbelievable. Fenris wins. He just effing wins. Hell, you’re not TOGETHER for half the game and he never says “Once.”

      Fenris just effing wins. πŸ™‚

  56. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog!!!! I am a female gamer myself and LOVE the relationship-romance-sex-story elements of the DA games!! I agree they should be further developed, I was disappointed with the way things were cut off or limited in DA2, and I miss Alistair!! πŸ™‚ I’m too tired to write out a proper response but I wanted to show some well-deserved love here, it is high time game developers took notice of the female gaming audience!!! Look at the runaway popularity of trashy romance novels that are basically softcore porn with a story- my grandmother reads them like a fiend and she is 90 years young!! If they can incorporate more of those elements into a good solid fantasy RPG they will have the perfect formula, in my opinion. The ladies like to see the “naughty bits” too- maybe even more than the guys! It’s high time we had our voices heard! πŸ˜€

  57. Stumbled across this a little late, but I’m in full agreement about Fenris and romance in DA2. I miss the way romance was integrated into all of DA1, instead of being treated merely as a quest such as it was in DA2.

    I was wondering, is anyone planning on a mass contact of bioware on this issue. It might be good if we gals coordinated our efforts, so that they now that a substantial number of us care about these games, and that we don’t feel everythign in DA2 is an improvement. Just a thought.

  58. 100% agree with you. Would have loved more interaction with all the characters. So much more dialogue choices in first DA. Fenris is definitely the one can’t even try Anders because he is way too whiny for my taste. I hope they show up with some good extensions or more downloadable content for this one. Play on sista!!!!!

  59. What a great blog!!! Love this discussion!

    I’ve in my 4th run-through of the game, making different choices to see the changes in the way the romances play out – forget the rest of the plotline – LOL I gotta tell you though – once you’ve gone with Fenris, you don’t want to go back! Such a great character – even my husband agreed. He thinks Anders is a whiny wuss!

  60. Oh my gosh I love this thread. Fenris is so freaking awesome. I ditched my first game with anders… My hubby told me to let him move in and then it went downhill with anders. I kept trying to end the romance, but there wasn’t an option. So not fair. Anders romance really killed the game for me. It’s like watching The View…so much whining.
    I swear if they put fenris in game 3 I’ll be the one standing in line at midnight to buy it, not hubby. Or I would totally buy the downloadable content if you could pursue him. Mmmmm. πŸ˜‰

  61. Ok I don’t normally post on game blog sites…cos they are normally full of silly boys trying to sound cool lol.

    But! I had to come join the Fenris love! And I totally agree with everything posted above, Anders just irritated me throughout, and in one conversation – I was romancing fenris but had just saved – so I thought I’ll flirt with Anders (for the first time) and next thing I know he’s like…if your door is open tonight, I’ll come to you…and I’m like…wait, what? That was quick, we haven’t kissed or anything lol!
    Fenris’s was much more of a romance…and SO much hotter!

    As a former games tester (yeah I used to get paid to play games lol) I totally agree that we girls get overlooked, probably because most of the devs are male lol! I mean come on, how many hot male game characters are there? Fenris (of course)…Dante (Devil may cry)…and…and….!
    Hmm…maybe I have a problem involving guys with white hair… *giggles*

  62. I have to be honest, I got into the game because of Fenris. All I saw was a picture of him and until last week, I didn’t hear his voice. When I did though on Youtube, I needed to play the game.

    When I noticed is that right from the very start, Fenris attacked where my Hawke was. Female warrior since I like to slice and dice and while I do like to play mages, I like warrior more especially with a system that has a heal and will heal you (unless the mage is about to die and of course it’s obvious they’ll heal themselves since I always put myself before the tanks in MMORPGs since if I die, everyone will).

    This is when I had no points with Fenris, he just kept attacking those around me. I found it pretty cool and sweet since I know he’s trying to make up for “tricking” you.

    I also have to mention that when I met Anders and found out this Justice thing inside soom became Vengeance…oh ho boy. I knew exactly that what he spoke of “Justice” was complete bull. Yes, mages are in a bad situation, but to let a “good spirit” inside you isn’t exactly a “GOOD SPIRIT”. I didn’t buy his whole tale of them being the Maker’s children. It might just be me thinking too much since I know what he will do next (I spoil myself and I can’t help it but I still get surprised, it’s weird, I know xD).

    Anyway, I’m halfway in Act II now (doing main quest so that I can get Fenris’ gift in that sack) and I already have him up to Friendship by being a complete meaniehead to mages. I felt so bad for them but the Circle did sound better than being out running for your life and eventually killed. Although…that one guy threatening Thrask really made me angry and I hope the bastard lays off of them.

    Oh yeah, I managed to get a +20 with Fenris right off the bat. I forgot what I did but it was when I first talked to him in the mansion. That realllly helped to get the other points for the now maxed friendship I have with him. Just…need to start that romance as soon as I can. I have to say though, I love how the rivalry works with him too since it makes him so confused to how he loves you still despite what has happened between the two of you. They really did a good job.

    Oh yes and that reminds me. I read on the official forums that the writer wanted Fenris to show his skin in that bed scene but the artists asked “What do you wish to cut?” So…yeah…a real bummer but hey, we still got makeout scenes with him and character development. I prefer that than a bad story with hot steamy scenes.

    • Well, at least the writer tried. That sucks. I wonder what the options of cutting for some brief nudity would have been.

  63. You guys might want to check out DevArt there is an Army of Fenfen/Hawke and Anders/Hawke novellas that make the in game stuff seem like tosh.

    And yes I call Fenris my Fenfen lol

    On to a more serious note I agree with everything you say I get the feeling that DA2 was like Assassins creed two a giant build up for the next one.

    There were a few times when I was screaming at the TV due to Anders being the tool he is >> my other half on the other hand is all for his cause and has no problem with what he did >>

    I hope you get a reply to your letter. I work in a video game shop and I can tell you Girl gamers can give the male market a run for their money. Its ladies that hold the purse strings even when they are buying for the men lol.

    sorry that this post makes little sense its a random collection on thoughts all thrown together in one comment

    • YES! Deviant Art is awesome for the fiction…I discovered the website by accident last week (pretty much the same day I discovered this blog) & there’s some nice pieces of fiction out there. Also, there’s some shots from the game of Fenris’s face, close-ups of his eyes, etc. They are…very nice. πŸ˜€

  64. Let me start by giving you mad props for your blog. I love it! Everything I bitched about to my boyfriend (so glad he’s not the jealous of a video game type) you stated. I hope BioWare takes note.

    DA:O was awesome, because I felt they included the romance so the ladies had something more interesting to do, than just killing darkspawn. Although the Zevran concept character was way hotter than the game character, but hey play your cards right and you got to be queen with a side of hottie elf assassin for those lonely nights when the king snuck out to hang at the bar. The lack of character interaction in DA2 does hurt the game experience. But I do like the different quest layouts and passing of time.

    Now, when I first started playing DA2, I thought Anders would be a good choice, because he was charming and witting in DA:Awakenings. But then hottie of the decade came walking down the stairs…(insert drooly face). The white hair, the lyrium tattoos, and the voice, omg!! Unfortunately, at that point I was a little too deep with Anders, and DA2 didn’t give me the same flirting lead-way DA:O did, so no hot make out session with Fenris. =( I had to wait for the second play through.

    I do have to admit that, that first kiss with Anders was one of the hottest scenes (till the second play through) I’ve seen in a while. But when I got to the end and he blow up the Chantry, I was mad at myself for even allowing him to live. More pissed off that I decided to stay with him. It just seemed like, as the years rolled by, the guy you fell in love with is gone and he does become an abomination. So sad…

    Fenris on the other hand, what could I add that hasn’t been said already, except I would lick him (almost) anywhere he wanted me to (not into the whole running around Kirkwall in bare feet thing, tho). As Gamlen would say, “So, you’re into elves?” My track record would shows; Yes, yes I am. Can I mention, my favorite party line from him is “I am yours.” How could you not love someone like that???

    And a final note, is it me or does the idea of playing a male Hawke hooking up with Merrill seem kind of child molester-ish? I know she’s an elf who looks young, and is legal and all, but somehow she comes across as twelve to me. And it just feels so very wrong.

  65. My first Love Is Zevran he made dragon age for me till i got the ending (Zvran stayed with his love for a time) then my heart broke to not have him in awakening stung alot as well. I romanced no one after that. Then her come Fenris and i took him with m to do ever thing umm not good he diapoved of me so much i gave up. I’m on my second play thought of both games again still lovening Zeveran who in DA 2 wants me to take out some crows for him and he dosnt even know me now. Nedless to say ramancening in DA 2 is not even close to DA 1 . but ya did help me to get Fenris this time. Thanks alot.

  66. I have had the BEST time reading everyone’s comments. Lots of laughs. I’m so happy there’s so many other people out there who are as obsessed with the romance aspect of the game as I am. πŸ™‚ I loved DA:O & Alistair. I have played it many, many times through & I can never get away from romancing Alistair. I loved the way the relationships (friendships also…esp Morrigan & Alistair…funny stuff) worked in that one…any time you wanted a shag after winning his heart, you just asked.

    I was SO hoping DA 2 would be like that & so disappointed it’s not! On my first play through, I went with Anders. Until I started getting to know Fenris. By then it was too late, so I just scrapped it & restarted so I could focus on the hot elf. I agree with others comments that Bioware missed some great opportunities with the voice acting. Every time I hear Fenris’s voice, I want to drool. But my husband would think I’m weird, so I don’t. πŸ™‚ I also think they could have given us just a TAD more skin. I’m not talking about anything major, but it would have been awesome to have, I dunno, a shirtless Fenris at least once.

    I have to admit that I’ve not had a complete play-through yet…I’ve only gotten as far as Act 3 (Merrill’s quest) & so I haven’t seen how it all goes down, but from the spoilers, it makes me happy that I’ve chosen Fenris so far.

    And I was SO excited when I read that Alistair would make a cameo…I loved his drunken appearance in the tavern (thought it was hilarious) on my first play-through, but the close-up when he visits in Act 3 as king was just SAD. He looks awful & considering how much I loved his character in the original, that just made my heart hurt.

    I play these games for the story & the romances. And I do love the Fenris romance…but I do so wish we could have more of a feeling of reality like in DA:O. I realize it’s an entirely different game, but they took away some wonderful aspects of that first game.

    It would be really lovely if, maybe as a DLC, they would give us some extra love scenes with Fenris…or just let him wander around in only his pants. LOL It would be nice if he’d return in the next one, but if they redo him like Alistair, I don’t think I want to see that.

    Anyway, thanks for the blog & the posts…it’s been very entertaining & awesome knowing I’m not the only one loving a hot elf!!! πŸ™‚

  67. Wait a MINUTE! I have played this game a thousand times and 90% of that time I’ve romanced Fenris and I have NEVER had him tell me that he couldn’t stop thinking about me. He just always apologizes for flipping out on me and then we have the steamy make out scene. WHAT DID YOU DO?! I MUST KNOOOOOWWWW! lol It was even hotter then the scene I’m used too >.<

    • The scene where he says he can think of nothing but you is, in my opinion, way hotter that the glowy scene. I love the glowy make-out scene, but the close up of his eyes when he says his line & then the very brief look on his face when Hawke pushes him against the wall (it’s like surprise & happiness all mixed together)…they make me shiver & all tingly. LOL I read online that you have to do the Questioning Beliefs before you do his Hadriana quest. I’m not sure if that’s true but that’s what I did. I had him at 100% friendship before the end of Act 1 & I did all his stuff at the very beginning of Act 2 (book, QB & Hadriana quests). At the end of the Hadriana quest, he comes & does this thing & I didn’t choose the “Don’t Go” option. I think I asked about his family, but I’m pretty sure any of the replies w/o the heart would work. I then left my house & went to another location, went back to the house & then the yummy “can think of nothing but you” scene happened. And it saved right before, so I get to relive it over & over again. His eyes just kill me. πŸ™‚

      • In total agreement. I worked like hell to get the glowy scene and afterwards, I concluded that I liked this one better. Maybe it was just because that this one was the one I saw first, but I think there is something about his eyes too! He gets way up in your personal space and you can tell he’s a hair’s breadth from jumping you. Only respect for Hawke is holding him back. And yes, that split second when you pin him against the wall and he looks surprised is priceless. Ahhh *swoons*

        I want to say that you can do the quests in any order so long as you’re not 100% either direction on him and you’ll get this scene., but I could be wrong.

    • You can also get it if you do questioning beliefs after Hadriana (with all the usual flirting and high friend/rival). In that case, there’s no option to ask him to stay during his first nighttime visit after Hadriana, then when you go home following Q.B. he’ll show up again. Either way, so long as he leaves at the end of the nighttime post-Hadriana visit, he’ll show up again for that scene (which I also prefer!! nice to see him admit to being in to you!).

  68. I can’t agree with you more. I only romanced Anders on a bet for the most delicious muffin ever. To make it harder for me, I made my Hawke have my name and look exactly like me. I was utterly depressed when I had to not flirt with Fenris and was near tears after I made Anders move in. (Sadly, one of the terms of the bet was that I couldn’t have sex with Fenris first and then have Anders.)

    Also, the reason why Fenris doesn’t have a shirtless/naked/only wearing his underwear scene is because he’s got a custom body model, and not just for the tattoos. Stand him next to any male elf (e.g. Jethann) and you’ll notice major differences (such as his shoulders). Also, the DA artists didn’t really relish the thought of having to create entirely new body parts (such as his torso and arms) for one scene just because of his lyrium tattoos and different body type. (David Gaider said the latter on BSN, the former was something I discovered myself.) Isabela isn’t in her undies for the exact same reason as Fenris, and I’m not entirely sure if Anders has a custom body model or not. I’ll find out. Merrill, however, has no custom body parts to worry about, so slapping on the default “girl elf in undies” body on her wouldn’t be difficult.

    • I guess I’m not surprised that laze was the reason, it’s what’s wrong with a great many things in this game. I wish they had taken their time and got things right rather than rushing this game out for a deadline. At least get it less glitchy.

      From what I remember of 3D animation from school, skinning models with something like, say…. lines of white isn’t that difficult a step. Like painting a wall a different shade, as long as the wall is there it can be pokladotted just as easily as anything else. I guess it was the body type? But shouldn’t they have made a body first and then graft clothing to that? Whatever, what do I know? I’m a 2D animator. This 3D stuff is mind boggling to me.

      I wish they would have just left Merril in her clothing though. Her in the black risque corset disturbed me. Didn’t seem the kind of girl to run about in the same underpants bought by workers at the Blooming Rose. Even a change of color would have been a bit more believable and super easy.

  69. I just thought that you all might like a little spice in the Fenris romance.

    I’ve played through 5 times, and the latest was hilarious and fun. Standard leafies and hearts for Fenris and Anders during act 1. Act 2: Then swop to leafies only with Ander, and pursue the romance with Fenris, glowing tat time :), chose so your leaving? When he goes do one set of hearts with Anders but no smooching in the clinic (hold back). Ask him to stay when your mother dies if you get the option. Have Anders and Fenris in the party with Isabella for some great lines. Varric and Sebastion will warn you about Anders. When Anders reaches 100% he asks to move in, say NO.
    Pick up the hearts with Fenris again. In Act 2 you get a great scene after Danarius, where you can beg his forgiveness at the same time that he is asking for yours. Ah romance….

    I played a lawful mage, zero tolerance for Blood Magic, except Merrill. I still think of the circle as a generally good idea, just that Kirkwall has some sickos managing it…I had a great short romance with Cullen in DAO (thanks to a mod), and he still seems decent in DA2.

    I also tripped over an interesting glitch in talking to Elthina at the Chantry, not only was she aware of the Templar taking advantage of kids, and the tranquil solution, but she said that the ends justified the means. Looks like at some time she was not lily white as the newer game suggests (SV add on changed gameplay).

    Another person who turns out not to be so nice is Orsino, who helped the mage who killed your mother, he was aware that he was a murderer and covered for him.

    Great Fenris scene after your mothers death: Straight after her death go to Darktown to speak to Gascard De Puis, Fenris executes him for you.

    As a female mage Hawke, am I the only one who hates Carver? Well apart from all my companions that is…

    I still want a scene with Fenris and the tats, the slam against the wall scene with his tats glowing has my imagination on overdrive about glowing tat sex/romance πŸ˜‰

    • That is…. really freaking cool. Well done! I hope enough people recognize you that it’s worth all the effort! It’s always sad when you spend so much effort on a cosplay that people don’t get. (I’ve actually taken screencaps for a possible Knight-Commander Meredith cosplay, but the armor kind of intimidates me.)

  70. I’m wondering if there’s a way to send this entire blog & all the comments off to the Bio Ware people so they know how female gamers truly feel? I think there’s more of us than they realize & I’ve read other comments on forums that many female players feel like they’ve been slighted by the lack of romance in games, esp DA2. It would be lovely (agreeing with someone else’s post) if they’d make a game geared more toward us but with a good storyline & not some crap dating sim. What they should do for DA3 (someone else said this earlier) is bring back the Warden & Champion & all the favorite characters from Origins & 2. Of course, that might be a bit tricky on the development side, but my gaming nerd self thinks it sounds cool. But the ONLY way I want Fenris in DA3 is with the current voice actor (Gideon Emery’s voice is just too sexy to replace) & if they don’t age him like Alistair. Since he’s an elf, maybe they can just hold off on the whole aging thing.

    Until I found this blog, I felt very alone in my gaming world. The only other gamers I know are guys & they all play the typical “manly” games like Fallout (I do enjoy it, but I NEED my romance!), Halo, etc. I feel like I’ve found a safe place to vent my frustrations about the lack of romance &/or to obsess about the delicious Fenris (& Alistair πŸ™‚ )…no one else in my real world understands. I’m SO HAPPY I found this blog!

    I don’t know if anyone else plays the Elder Scrolls, but I read online that the next one will have romance & they plan to make it “more robust” than we’re used to. Oh…one more thing. Gideon Emery has an audio book. I think I need to buy it. πŸ™‚

  71. You know, i went back and played Awakening again and i like Anders a lot more there than in DA2. He’s so much more lovable and funny than the whole mushy “i ache for you” act in DA2. and his voice is better.

  72. Just stumbled on this blog. Happy to read comments from other female gamers.

    I’m disappointed in DA II and it’s all DA: Origins fault. I love rpg-type games and have played them from way back. I was pleasantly surprised by the relationship angle of Dragon Age: Origins to include the “sexy” bits and the clever banter. (I can never go back now.) So what did they do in DA II? Took out the very asset that made DA stand out from the rest. I played all 3 classes but only female characters. I prefer the rogue-assassin…love shanking the hell out everything. And yes I am a chick who loves blood and guts and will yell “Boo-ya” whenever I backstab a SOB who tries to mess with one of my men.

    So Anders vs Fenris? To be honest they both frustrated the hell out of me. There were times when I was so tired of their bitching when all I wanted was some bit of naughty sex and clever banter and what do I get instead? “Wah! I was a slave.” “Wah! The templars are so mean.” I just wanted to shout “STFU, get in the kitchen, and fix me a sandwich, dammit!.” (Ha! Ha! I couldn’t resist.) Hawke longed to respond with “What? You think you are the only one with problems?” “My brother is now some ogre’s toe-jam (which my mother blamed me for BTW), my uncle forced me into indentured servitude, my sister was the victim of police brutality and is being held against her will (and now has Stockholm Syndrome), some freaking lunatic turned my mom into the Bride of Frankenstein, the only thing keeping me warm in my bed is my big-ass dog who farts all night, I can’t go anywhere without some assassin trying to shank me, I have to loot every bloody corpse just to make ends meet and feed your ass, and the only one who truly gets me is a dwarf with a hairy chest (who I would totally romance just for that sake alone). Alright I also wanted to say “Hey baby why don’t you light up those tats and set me on fire” or “Justice, come out and ppppllllaaaayyyyy!”

    But between the two, Fenris wins because I love having him at my side during battles. Sometimes I would stop and just watch him fly through the battlefield and think “damn that’s sexy as hell”…until just as I set up a good backstab, the little shit, flies over and bowls over my target. I think “Oh no he didn’t, that was my freaking kill. Hey Varric, you better not give that one to Fenris.”

    • @Bored in Iraq, your post had me in stitches! I had a few of the same thoughts myself…which could be why I’ve eventually moved on from Fenris to a new but generally unrequited devotion to Cullen and Sebastian. Heh. Less complaining.

      OH, and @ Kami, agree, although have you gotten the rogue expansion pack? At least it has two matched blades which are generally pretty sweet.

      • I did get the download stuff, and let me just say, Bioware does not believe in fashion designers, stylist, or even a clothing consultant. The weapons are awesome, but I found it really hard to feel sexy in any (except one) of the armor.

      • @Kami – ah that’s good–well, sad–to know. I’ve only done a mage PT so far since I got all the packs, and the mage robes are a bit cooler. The rogue armor in general has left MUCH to be desired (I feel like a medieval circus clown in most). The only have way decent one, to my thinking, is still the champion armor.

  73. I was searching how increase my romance with Fenris – because I wasn’t able to trigger the part where Aveline ask you about your relationship with him (are you able to start that?) – and I found your post…I agree with you.

    I like Anders, but I can’t romance him. I think he is, like, too sweet. I tried to create a character that can be in love with him, maybe a mage…but when I was creating him, he ends to became the Blossom Rose’s best client. What kind of character will be romanceable with him? A funny mage? A good warrior? An evil rogue? Someone like Peter Parker?
    (And why Varric isn’t a LI? He will be great with a sweet female Hawke.)

    I think DA2 has good romance, but it miss somethings… It’s like your relationship with Atton in Kotor 2; he told you his past, he said he want to protect you…and after that he talk only about pazaak. At least HK-47 told me what love is.

    I really miss naked men. Or a naked Isabella, at least. Merril is strange without dress – well, imho, Fenris is the only elf who looks hot in DA 2.


    (Sorry for my english.)

    • I have to apologize. I rivalmance Anders and it’s great. But you have to play as m!Hawke. Anders don’t go all “I’m dangeroooussss!” with m!Hawke. They talk about stuff, instead. He smile and flirt. Quite good πŸ™‚

      Well, before the third act I thought a lot about the mage situation, so now I even approve Anders’ actions – even If I was Sebastian’s best friend…problems, problems, problems – but…it’s still great.

  74. Am I the only one who screamed something along the lines of, “take it all off!” after the awesome first makeout scene with Fenris began? I was absolutely crushed when it didn’t happen – I thought I did something wrong at first! So disappointed to see that was all the skin I would ever see…curse you Bioware! Although, this terrible thing did make for some hilarious comments between my father and I – he’s a Morrigan/Isabella fan. And it’s only because I I like to see different angles that I’ll romance Anders on my third playthrough…that traitor. *shudder*
    Since I’ve been denied my daily dose of shirtless (at the very least!) Fenris, I get to use that imagination to draw him…a lot. Going back to campus this fall will result in Fenris being shown everywhere! >:3 It’s been ages since I tumbled into rabid fangirlism for someone – last two were Vincient (Final Fantasy 7) and Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho). Meanwhile, my poor boyfriend gets to hear me babble about Lord Sexy Fenris, whilst trying to convince me that Anders is more romantic. (He doesn’t know hat happens in the end. But still! Anders, more romantic?! Maybe if his every word and action didn’t scream USER…!) I just wish I could have a threesome with Fenris and someone else, say Isabella. I loved that I could pull it off with Zev and her in DA:O. Also heard that if you harden Alistair enough beforehand, you can do it with him instead…any truth to this?? I’d love to do that. (Or Zev and Alistair…or Fenris and Alistair. Hell, let’s just get all three together, and I’ll have my way with all of em.)

    Moral of the story: Fenris = Amazing, Sexy, Nom-able, etc. I seriously wish Bioware realized that the many funny convos and gifts you could have in Origins would have made DA2 near perfect. Ah well. Third time’s the charm, yes? On a side note, if anyone played Origins with the xpac that gave you Shale as a companion, make sure you talk to the barkeep in the Hanged Man and have him spout rumors. You’ll hear about her exploits!

    Is it weird that I almost wish you could have Varric as a romance option? Not for a fluffy romance, no, but one of those “crack jokes in the middle of hot, wild sex” romances? The sarcastic banter between Varric and Hawke if you make her the sarcastic type is a great mood lifter.

    Anywho, I vote we storm Bioware and help with with any DLC for DA2, or give them fantastic banter between you and your companions for DA3. After that, we clone Fenris. Or start with that. Either wa, we get Fenris in all his smoking hot glory. πŸ˜‰

    • I do hope, they listen to their fans and fix some things. Gah, we can only hope.

      As far as the threesome in Origins, If you’re romancing Alistair, you can invite him and if you’ve “hardened” (tehee) him, he’ll accept, but when she asks Zev to join in for a forgie, he declines because Alistair’s not into the dudes. (much to my first warden’s dismay) It’s a pretty cute little bit of dialogue. Something along the lines of , “Ahh. Normaly, yes, but I think I will decline, given the… situation.” and Alistair thanks him. πŸ™‚

      …ahh, the good old days when Zev still had a kind of moral code he kept to before glitchy, unfaithful, high on Speed, I’ll boink anything that breaths, DA2 Zevran.

      • Zevran is so cute in Origins ❀
        I think he's better than Isabela…my f!Hawke was in love with her and when she asks "Zevran, what about sex?"…that really piss me off.


  75. You are sooooo right! I also love the story and the romances. If the romance options aren’t fun, I just don’t enjoy the game nearly as much. That’s why, although I liked ME2, I didn’t care for it as much as my son-in-law because he’s not into the romance and character interaction aspects of the game.

    And hotness abounds with Fenris! I nearly swooned off the couch at that last, extremely HOT, make-out scene. All in all, I actually found Fenris’ animation and voice acting combined to make one of the most real game characters I’ve ever seen. You can see his pain as well as his amusement over things in his eyes and in his expression. I love it.

    I replayed it ten times the first time I saw it. I’ve played through DA2 4 times now and I can’t bring myself to romance anyone but Fenris. And I do so quickly (now that I know how) so I can watch those cutscenes over and over and over. I even name them when I save so I can go back and find them later. LOL.

    I’m sorry. A tragic elf that is extremely powerful fighter, can rip someone’s heart out through his or her nose, glows blue, and wields a big ass sword has my vote every time. What’s not to love?

  76. I could not agree more – I feel a bit “cheated” as a female player – I miss the more involved romantic aspect I found in Dragon Age with Alistair, the romance progressing through the game, not stopping by a characters house every three years for some attention.

    Seriously No flowers?!? And what is this complete lack of male nudity? Can’t even take their shirts off???

    Tsk-tsk…..I was VERY disappointed with the 1st love scene with Fenris..okay – kiss kiss – oh fade to black……fully dressed and moping at the fireplace….what?!? The next two weren’t much better but I was already disappointed by then…..very sad.

    I really wish for these pivotal plot scenes (romance etc.) they would kick it up a few notches and do some high quality mini movies – like they do in the FF series – THAT would be awesome.

  77. I am so glad I found this blog! Happy to know I”m not the only female gamer that is obsessed with the DA romances! I was totally in love with Allistair in DAO and replayed the love scenes over and over! I hated when the game ended. The object of my affection in DAII is of course, Fenris. His voice is just omg!! So HOT!! I was extremely dissappointed that they cut the romance/sex down. I truly hope they get it right in DA3. BIOWARE, listen up!! WOMEN LOVE DA because of the romance!!

  78. Eh… Elthina is HARDLY innocent, you know.

    Hers is the crime of inaction. Don’t forget that the chantry owns the templars, via their lyrium addiction. So, in the span of 10! years, there were countless opportunities for her to step in and rein in the templars. Yet she does nothing and let the templars reigned with terror until people are forced to push back.

    She was just a conniving manipulator. By staying passive and spouting ineffectual nonsense, she basically forced the issue while making the chantry LOOKs innocent. Of course the chantry would love that, but not all of the people are so easily fooled.

    She employed the trick twice during the span of DA2, first with the Qunari, by allowing one of her mothers (if you talked to her, she hinted she is aware of the happenings) to go psycho and provoke the Qunari, AND THEN turned her back and betrayed her blind follower. I wanted to get rid of her then. And she then pulled the same stunt with the mages. At the point of the game I was going “oh no, not again you conniving *****”.

    Anders was stupid to blow up the chantry, which is basically what Elthina was waiting for. Anders played right into her hand and made her a matyr. But I was never sorry to see her go.

    Justice is smart enough to know that the chantry is the source of all evil, but he isn’t fluent in the guiles of humankind. More the pity.

  79. You are right. I always thought Elthina took too passive a role, as well. Unfortunately there would have been a number of innocents in the chantry at the time, I’m sure.

  80. [EDIT: One of the most endearing and engaging ways to carry out the Fenris romance is – after he leaves in an emotional huff, allow a flirtation with Anders to take place. You may kiss and flirt in any way possible if you like, and when he asks to come to your home at night, say yes. (I chose to do these things WITHOUT Fenris present so, if he’s around I’m not sure if it will work as smoothly…though to be honest, I think bioware would be too lazy to add in a jilted lover response to Fenris. That would take work, and they don’t believe in that. :P) When he arrives at your home for sweet loving, he will insult Fenris. I responded with rage and he left. In the next Act, Fenris confessed his undying love despite the almost flirtation. I am not sure if this method will work if you sleep with Anders or Isabella and then jilt them right after, but without sexing anyone else up, but still engaging in the flirtation, you can still get your Fenris make out on. WOOT!]

  81. did you know that Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada? its like a whole other colder alter universe up there.

    • Oh.. and if they do keep him, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep the same artwork for him! Please don’t make him look like he’s been beaten with an ugly stick like they did for Zevran on DA2!

      • hehehe yes .. wooord πŸ˜€ His face is perfect as it is. I think when they put a history like this romance in a game like DA2 it gives us girls reason to play. And LIKE the game.. i love it..

      • hehehe yes .. wooord πŸ˜€ His face is perfect as it is. I think when they put a history like this romance in a game like DA2 it gives us girls reason to play. And LIKE the game.. i love it..

      • Yes, Zevran might have avoided getting killed by the Crows, but they obviously got quite a few licks in. Looks like they broke his face a few times.

      • ^^, yes I know … Hope they keep him just as he is now.. Hot steaming sexy.. Think i`m having a crush hahahhaaaaa πŸ™‚ We need mysterious guy`s like Fenris in the game to keep girl buying this game :p And I think that DA2 was great because they made a story for this game also.. maybe boys don`t like it but why should boys (gamer`s) have to decide what is right or not all the time… Seriously they cant mean that every game should be like the first one!!! like does a movie followup look like the first movie.. no i don`t .. so why all this complain`s ? jeje .. i still loves the game and will by DA3 as well πŸ˜€

      • My son didn’t want to play it because he didn’t think he’d like it. He liked DAO and, I will admit, we both were a bit dismayed at what they were saying DA2 would be like when they first started their viral campaign on it, but it ended up being my favorite of the 2. My son finally played it because I liked it so much. He even expected to hate Fenris but didn’t. He still likes Origins better, but he liked the mechanics of this one better. He found it harder–he always plays everything on “nightmare”–but mostly because of people just dropping out of the sky, which he found kind of dumb. All in all, though, he did like it.

        My son-in-law liked it until Bethany died. She was his favorite character at that point.

  82. I just want to say you all are amazing!

    I am one of the few female gamers where Im from! Its sooooo amazing to hear other women are having the same “romance issues” as I am.

  83. I just cannot begin to describe how amazing this blog entry, with all the comments that follow, has been to me! I love you all! I thought I was all but alone in my crazy obsessions with regards to this game. (I must say, I love both Fenris and Anders, yumm. I am such a sap for a good/sad story, and of course I can never play a bad guy, uuuugh! Hehe, it has always annoyed me that most of my male friends can but my conscience just keeps getting in the way! I like that I have the option however! I also like, about DA:2, that no matter what you do you are never sure who is “good” and who is “bad”, you can only do your best. This is what makes the games for me. It just feels so much more realistic and gives the story/gameplay a nice edge (sitting on the edge of your sofa going “whaaaaaaaaaaaaat, nooo/yess!?”)

    This thread of comments is great and it gives me hope for the future! As a female gamer, I often feel there is shortage of great games with a good/great story. I’m not someone who plays just to see how many point I can get, or heads I can chop off (though that can be cool in moderation). I am addicted to a good story. And I get the impression you all are too (yes, all good stories have romances, but of course!). πŸ˜‰

    I took the liberty to send a link to this post and all its comments to BioWare, with a hope that they will read it and take it to heart, I wish for us all to be heard! And hopefully get an awesome DA:3 in not too long. And after that, maybe folks in the industry will start making cool games for cool, slightly batty ladies such as ourselves. (nooo, I dont like Sims or other pink girly games!) Something juicy, with meat on its bones (hehe) and a rock hard, fantastic story at its core.

    Thanks ladies, luv you all!

  84. I just received DA2 for Christmas, read through your wonderfully hilarious post, and every single comment, And I agree.

    There is a depressingly absent lack of sex with the hottest elven slave known to man.

    …I was staring off into space, fantasizing about what’s underneath the straps and the leather, and grinning absently, and my boyfriend asked me what was wrong. I was too embarrassed to admit anything, so I just mumbled some vague something about Dragon Age and walked off.

    But dammit! His voice, his sketchy past, his angst…brings out the hopeless romantic in every lady. ❀ I was so disappointed that I couldn't go talk to him whenever I wanted and demand hot make-outs. Rock on, all you Fenris-loving ladies (and fellas)!

  85. I’ve been following this thread for some time and I love that there are so many female gamers out there who enjoy the romance aspect of this game as much as I do (Fenris ;). I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on the best time to play Legacy and Mark of the Assassin for dialog content. I’ve always played it after the end game, but I’m wondering if I should play it before or after the Act 2 love scene with Fenris. I wasn’t sure if the dialog would be different if I did the DLCs before the make-up scene in Act 3.

  86. These scenes are nothing compared to the first Dragon Age. Those got graphic in comparison.
    Otherwise, OMG Fenris is hot. Just looove the voice. FYI – His voice can also be found in Skyrim.

      • Various characters…Imperial Army guys, bodyguard for someone you meet in the Dark Brotherhood quest…no one major.

      • He’s all over the place & it’s actually pretty fun when you encounter one of the various characters. The actor, Gideon Emery, is on Facebook & actually VERY nice to his fans. He’ll reply to questions & comments & announces upcoming projects. I think he’s got like 10 things being released soon. If you request a signed autograph, he’ll actually personalize it & he just ran a contest that I won…a signed copy of Battlefield 3, where he is the lead character. He’s really just a lovely person.

      • His voice is also on Diablo 3…a couple of times and early in the game. He’s not a major character, but… I have yet to find him on Skyrim. He’s also on SWTOR. He’s becoming one of those that are almost guaranteed to be on all the games.

      • If you’re looking for him in Skyrim, I’ve only found him twice. He voices a soldier up in the mountains…I can’t give you exact details b/c I was wandering around trying to outrun a giant & I stumbled upon the camp. He also voices someone you’ll run across if you do the Dark Brotherhood quest line. πŸ™‚

      • πŸ˜€ I can’t remember exactly WHO it was, but I remember it was one of the main DB quests (I didn’t do all of the optional side ones) & it’s the assistant to the guy who hires you, if I remember correctly (it’s been a few mos).

      • He’s also an Imperial Guard in Solitude. I go into the garrison and ask him questions all the time just to hear his voice. πŸ˜‰

      • I just bought my house in Solitude recently so I’m starting to go there regularly. I’ll have to go to the Imp guards. Which one is he?

      • IIRC he’s in the Imperial Guard Headquarters (Castle Dour). It’s at the end of the main road where the merchants are (but before the turn where you head down to the Castle). I think the door is on the left and guarded by two guards. If you go inside, he will be guarding the door where the Imperial Guard Commander is. I haven’t played in a good while (I’m replaying BG2 :), but he had several different lines. It’s easy to slip in there for a quick “fix” for Fenris’/Gideon’s voice when you’re in the area. LOL! πŸ˜‰

  87. Oh, and yeah, I would have loved to have seen more in the love scenes. At least as much as in DAO. Combine the kissing scenes of DAII with the skin scene of DAO and we have the beginnings of a winner.

  88. OMG, I just found this, and I so agree! Anders is wayy too whiny to be a good romance, though I do enjoy the first makeout scene with him. It makes my stomach knot up every time I see it. I wish they could have put some of that passion into Fenris. And I would have thouroughly enjoyed a chance at Knight Captain Cullen. Who doesn’t love a feisty man in uniform?

  89. Thanks for this blog!
    I agree on almost everything. We did get robbed – not enough interaction with comrades in arms. I can’t tell how many times my character kissed Alistar in DA:O. And I loved the fact that I could drive him crazy without actually hitting on him – just by raising loyalty. And kissing him in front of Morrigan – priceless. Good times, good times.
    Fenris is a great character, but to go through hundreds of quest just to hear him talk about Danarius and see him kiss Hawke once… well, it’s just so mean on Bioware’s part.
    Anders is solid good too. The way he discourages Hawke from romancing him – sweet. His love for kittens – sweet. That kiss – amazing, deep, romantic. Not being able to talk to him after he moves in – just so lame. And what about “home” outfit for him?
    Romantic scene with Fenris wasn’t as deeply touching for me as one with Anders. But I only had 1 scene with him so far. I shall see if it gets better.
    Isabella is on fire, but playing as a female – I wasn’t moved by her passion. But the scene itself was great. Getting those knifes off of her back – I wish they would have done something similar for Fenris!

    • I’m glad to hear about girl gamers and their romances with my friends from dragon age origins and dragon age 2, I think it’s kinda weird that us players are only interested in the elf characters. I’m a guy gamer and I like Merril, but I’m kinda ashamed of her using blood magic and when we went into the fade a demon asked to take her body or something and she was like “SURE” I was like what the hell I’ve been watching her closely now


    I so agree to everything said on here. Wish Fenris and Hawk will show up in DA 3 as well, On my first playthrough I chose Fenris-friendmance, while being a mage and also siding with them. I thought it was very sweet, that he is going against his principles for you. On my second playthrough I opted for a Anders-friendmance…. but seomehow ended up rivalmancing Fenris first.
    Though when he left after sleeping with him, I started sth with Anders and let him move in, knowing that this would end my Fenris rivalmance. Afterwards I was so upset, Anders is just … just not sufficient I guess? Especially when compared to Fenris. Moreover, after having practically dzped him for Anders he still loved Hawke.
    Merrill made a comment about him still liking Hawke during Banter and he alwys came to the rescue when my warrior HAwke was in a bind.
    It truly broke my heart when he said this to Anders during Party Banter: If you ever break Hawke’s heart, I will kill you! (Or sth like that…)
    Also in Act 3 he says you’ll be the death of him and he’ll stand with you, in case you max rivalry out. Not to forget the last dialogue before the final battle, when it seems like he’s almos going to confess… scew Anders when you can have Fenris^^
    I really squeeled when there was a bug at the end and Varric told the seeker Fenris stayed with me, not Anders ;)))
    Sorry for the rant…..

    • I friendmanced Anders once and never got that banter. I might not have romanced Fenris first, though. I may have to play again. Problem is, I HATE romancing Anders. As you say, it’s not satisfying. Besides, I like Fenris better.

  91. Lol. That was not only entertaining but sooso true. I played this one Mage named Marian (forgot to change the name.) and I went to anders clinic after that crazy quest he gives me where he almost kills that girl and he was all like trash trash keep trash or something and my da2 kinda freezes up face exprssions sometimes and my Hawke walked in and had this weirded out kinda look. When that happened I was laughing. I romanced Anders twice.HELL to the no. All I got was justice this Templars that mages there. *strangle*. Anyways I played to act two on both of this pplz and at first I found fenris uncivilized and revolting. Look at my screen saver now. Fenris. But it sucks. I havnt romanced fenris yet.It always seems to take too much time to get to bait and switch so I’m mad by the time I get there but then fenris…..dreamy
    So I’ve been reading a few of these and most of them talk about alistair. So I’ll tlk about him too. :). I think what bioware did to alistair on dao is imposible to do on da2. I admit. I make guy characters just to see the other side of the story. But remember how pretty morrigans eyes were? I want those eye colors. Oh. That’s morrigan not alistair.:)

  92. Its nice coming to a place that’s not all “DAII sucks” and “Anyone who likes this isn’t a true fan” Blah blah blah. Personally I really loved DA II but just because it’s not a copy paste of Origins does mean it sucks. For Godsakes just LOOK at Fenris. Just his soundtrack makes me sigh.

  93. I agree that there could have been more character interactions outside of questing. Having more expanded dialogues from these great characters, . . well it would have torn me apart more so than finally reaching the end of the game did. Though, in my romance, Anders was who I loved first, forgave as much as the game allowed, and stayed beside despite himself. In the end, love of companion and protection of my sister outweighed a city’s expectations.

  94. am i the only one who acts like fenris is a real person? i genuinely care about him, fuck anders /cant stand his whiny “oppression” bullshit/. merrill is pretty cool, shes adorable /havent romanced her though/, and izzys pretty, i guess, but you know, FENRIS. twice ive played, twice ive romanced. i just wish i couldve talked to him more, it wouldve been a nice break. also, i liked Kirkwall a LOT and i found the elves on Sundermount to be really funny to just go around and give them shit /you….you….shemlen!/ it was just amazing, especially Fenris. he just brought out all of my feelings and broke me so many times my friend had to sit there and hold me for two collective hours bc of him and his brood pique and just sweet andraste! i cant get enough of him, but some versions of fenris differ from game to game and some i cant stand and others i love.

    • I tend to react to him as if he was real. I do know he’s not, but when I read stories and he gets hurt in them I do tend to get pissed. And, yes, fuck Anders, at least DA2 Anders.

  95. I know this blog was written like…2 years ago, but I’m playing through DA2 again before the next game is released, and I just wanted to say that I agree with you to a frightening extent on almost everything you said in terms of Fenris versus Anders. Anders = whiny, preachy mage with some creepily patchy facial hair; Fenris = smoldering, passionate warrior with a sexy, haunted past πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, I actually have a question: I’m a female mage (mostly diplomatic with some sarcasm), and I maxed out friendship with Fenris by the end of Act I, and had completed “Speak to Fenris” and “Questioning Beliefs” by the beginning of Act II, and immediately completed “Bitter Pill”. I chose the romantic options at the end, and let him kill Hadriana, so of course I got the butch sex scene where I shove him up against the wall (HATE that). I reloaded and told him to leave at the end of “Bitter Pill”, and returned to my house at night, and he was there waiting, but I STILL got the standard sex scene.

    Then, my pathetic ass reloaded to before I had completed “Questioning Beliefs” and “Bitter Pill”, completed “Bitter Pill” before completing “QB”, tried a combination of different actions/responses during/after “QB”, and STILL got the standard sex scene. If you do “QB” after “BP”, do you have to say different things than if you complete it beforehand? Is it because I’m diplomatic, or because I’m not in a rivalmance with Fenris that I’m not getting the alternate sex scene? Or is it because I’m female, or a mage? I just don’t get it–what class, sex, personality type, and relationship type were you when you got it?

    Also, I can’t initiate the scene where, after I tell Anders I love him (which is such unbelievable BS), and Fenris is in my party when I go back to my house and Anders is there waiting for me, Fenris is supposed to show up and then I have the option to insult Anders and break up with him. Fenris never shows up. I was already in a friendly romance with him at this point–he was wearing his red scarf around his arm (in that sexy way that says he’s mine, even though he’s not doing anything I want :P…the man is too difficult ;)) I want Anders and Fenris in a dramatic mess over me, damnit πŸ˜›

    If you can’t remember and/or have sense moved on with your DA2 obsession, that’s fine. Just thought I’d check in case you have a photographic memory πŸ˜‰

    • As I recall, I got as far as anders being at my house to make a move, but he insults Fenris and I snapped at him. Then told him to leave. I don’t recall if Fenris showed up then, but he WAS the one to come when the mother dies thereafter. So beautiful.

    • I’m not sure if this answers your question, but if you sleep with anyone else after sleeping with Fenris, that’s it. You never have another chance with him (with the exception of the whores at the Blooming Rose. You can have an orgy with them while Fenris watches with no reaction. That is one thing I don’t like)

  96. Oh god!! im re-playing DA2 before inquisition cames out, and i have doubt Fenris or Anders? i thought that Anders will give more dramatic turn to the sequel, but im not even sure if they include this savings on DA3.
    Also i started flirting Anders (kinda fell for him) but when i saw Fenris going down the stairs in the Alienage i though noo, what am i doing!
    I didnt like the final cutscene so cold, that was lame, (although i read that if you side with the templars for a while and then change your mind things heat up a bit) and the dirty socks comment, that’s a -10 on him hehe
    So agree with you πŸ™‚ and loved the article!!!

  97. It had to be Fenris for my male Hawke once I heard his voice, and the slave with a totrured past didn’t hurt either πŸ˜‰ I just couldn’t romance anyone else. I still haven’t beaten the game, I’m on my 3rd playthrough, as a mage this time and I am still intent on romancing Fenris. I wish there’d been the option for him to move in, but we can’t have everything, can we?

    • I’ve played the game a number of times and I simply can’t not romance Fenris. I go in with the decision that I’m going to romance someone else so I can get a different game. Nope. Doesn’t happen. Just can’t.

  98. My husband had been hiding these little jewels from me for years, DA:O and DA 2, so Ive just gotten my addiction rolling. Finished up 2 runs of DA:O, yep, I was totally queen in my second play through, then started up my DA 2 Adventures. My first play through, I totally went after Anders, after the whole, Im sexy and I know it mage thing he had going on in Awakening, intrigued me, only to be horrified by the fact that he came across as an abusive, self absorbed prick, turned terrorist, who wanted nothing more than a woman that would do his bidding, pick up his dirty socks while bringing home the bacon while he sat on his ass and wrote “manifestos” every second of the day, and also wanted to get rid of my dog and get a cat! Dude better back up off of my Mabari before I instruct him to eat the fool. My first Hawke, being the stupid, if I love him enough he will change type that she was, stayed with him and Im sure didnt live happily ever after.

    My second playthrough, I went absolute lesbain, fook the men after the Anders experience, and lived happily ever after with Isabela, swashbuckling the seas with her in all her slutty glory, and if I wanted a man, I simply used one of the deck hands to fullfill that need with no complaints from the tastey temptress that I had given my heart to. Yes making up my own story there cause thats how it played out in my head.

    Now on my third playthrough, I discovered Mr, Hotness himself, FENRIS! He is the one that Hawke should have make the “sexy tortured look” comment to hands down! The man exudes sex appeal, he broods instead of whines and is an all around MAN, where as I have the strong desire to just kill Anders in the end so I dont have to listen to his whining and complaining anymore. I feel for Fenris and what he’s been through in his life, but all I want is a please STFU option for Anders. While I LOVED the story in DA 2, I was sorely disappointed over the lack of companion interaction outside of the quests. I mean seriously Bioware, how can you give us all the perks in DA:O with the companions, get your groove on anytime you want, then give us NOTHING in DA 2?! Not even a shirtless Fenris! Hawke is all layed out in the bed in her unmentionables, and I dont get to see Fenris all sexy half naked as I bask in the afterglow??? Come on, you could have at least thrown me a bone and let me watch him get dressed as he’s dumping me and breaking my heart, that would have made me feel somewhat better until he came back to me in the end.

    All in all, Fenris is the man to be with hands down where romance is concerned. Sure, he has his issues, but at least he didnt go killing innocents all in the name of his cause like a certain mage I know.

  99. Thanks so much for these videos. I went with the friendship romance with Fenris, so its nice to watch dialogue that I didn’t encounter. I think my Hawke could identify with him and the only reason I continued to side with mages was to protect my sister. If Betheny weren’t part of the equation, my play through would have been much different. Knight Commander Meredith being psycho wasn’t cool, but it wasn’t a Templar that killed Hawke’s mom. There’s no way I could go back and romance Anders. I only wish I could have made him face me while I killed him.

    Loved the Fenris romance, loved the fluff. I hope we get to see Hawke and Fenris again in the future.

  100. I loved your review so much and I totally agree with you, I didn’t even try to seduce any of the other characters, Fenris got me hypnotized from the get go, his character has so much more content than the others, Anders was all over my pants and I wasn’t even trying, I hope to see more reviews from you when Dragon Age Inquisition comes up! Let’s hope they’ll build up the romances a bit more!

  101. See, as much as I respect ones opinion, I feel like there’s a HEAVY bias against Anders. If you played Awakening you can see how Justice/Vengeance has changed him. Also, this may be just me, but you can see he really cares about Hawke in his dialogue and even expresses how he’s worried about him even being close to him could be a danger. I found Fenris’ romance to be particularly lacking. (It may be due to my moral standing on mages. I’m a compassionate person). Don’t get me wrong, Anders opinion in Templars and the Circles isn’t good as well, but if you go through with the ending with him, romanced, you ARE able to choose to side with either the Templars or Mages to rebuild them and still have the option to stay with him. They’re both trouble characters, but I prefer Anders on his points of compassion towards Mages, sick, refugees, and poor. And his dislike for Templars stems from being mistreated by them, but even so you can help him understand that not all Templars are shit, and he even mentions how so-and-so seemed like a decent man even for a templar. Fenris’ hate for mages came from one case of his slave owner being a cock bite. He really had no appeal to me because of his view points and I found him to be rather harsh towards a lot of people without real cause. But that’s just me.

    • Although I understand your POV, I disagree with it. I played Awakening and loved Anders. He was my favorite character. I went into DA2 fulling expecting to romance him–until he opened his mouth. He’s a major whiner. They made me get rid of my cat. *pout pout* He may of told Hawke, “I’m no good for you,” he’s the one that instigates a romance, not Hawke. He pounces on Hawke and gives them that kiss. He’s the one that says, “I’m bad for you. I’ll be there tonight. Leave the door open if you’re interested.” Wow. He finally gives Hawke a chance to decide if this is what they want. Then, after one night of sex, Anders is getting his things and moving right in. It’s his idea, not Hawke’s. If I remember right, Anders pretty much invites himself to live there, Hawke doesn’t ask him.

      And I’ve always wondered if his so-called compassion is as self-serving as everything else. Remember, in Awakenings, Anders cared about himself and not much else. That part of him is alive and well in DA2. Even before I met Fenris, I wondered if Anders’ compassion was more about his enjoyment of being worshipped and protected from Templars by the people of Darktown as opposed to really caring about them. Much of his “compassion” is forced on him by Justice. His lack of drinking and eating and sleeping isn’t so much about his selfless giving of himself to the poor as it is Justice’s lack of understanding of how the human body works. It’s Justice that won’t let him drink alcohol; it’s very likely it’s Justice that won’t let him stop helping the poor.

      Anders’ “compassion” is highly limited, as well. Where’s his compassion when he gleefully cheers Hawke on if they hand Fenris back to Danarius. Giving a person over into slavery, especially when they know that person was physically, mentally, and sexually abused and they’re giving them back to their abuser, is not compassionate. Again, it’s self-serving. Since Fenris isn’t a help to him in his cause or keeping him from the Templars and Fenris doesn’t hero-worship him, Fenris has no value to Anders. That’s not compassion. That’s narcissism.

      It’s that very attitude that Fenris is afraid of. Yes, he’s scared of mages because of what he’s experienced. And it’s from more than one “cock-bite.” To start with, there’s Hadriana. Unlike the normal slave, Fenris doesn’t live his entire slave life inside the house and never seeing anyone but those in the household. He’s Danarius’ bodyguard and goes everywhere with him. That means he’s seen the behavior and heard the conversations of a number of other Magisters. Yet, he still is able to admit that there might be good Magisters, even though he never met any of them. If you’ll notice, many of his observations about Tevinter have more to do with the culture than individual people. He mentions that, in Tevinter, mages that don’t engage in the negative aspects of magic, such as blood magic, will not make it as a Magister. I think he even says they are not adverse to putting their own kind into slavery, which means if you are a mage and aren’t a cock-bite, you’re probably forced into slavery. So, Fenris has more to go on than just one person; he has an entire culture.

      I think Fenris isn’t blind to the mages’ condition so much as afraid that, if they mages were allowed total freedom, it would result in another Tevinter. And he has a point. The old saying, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely,” comes into play here. He knows that a good warrior is as dangerous as a mage in his own way. However, the warrior doesn’t just pick up a sword one day and be able to fight his way through a horde of darkspawn. Even at his best, a warrior can’t take out a whole group of the enemy in one swing. The warrior had to work very hard and very long in order to get to the point of damage that a mage gets the moment their magic manifests. A young mage coming into power is like giving an adolescent in hormone hell a machine gun and giving them permission to use it to take out anyone that pisses them off. Could you imagine a parent of a young mage?

      “Bobby, go to your room without any dinner for being disrespectful!”
      “Fuck you, Mom! You’re not only going to feed me, you’re going to make me cake or I’ll burn you to a crisp!”

      Did you ever see that “Twilight Zone” episode with the Lost in Space kid where the kid had powers and he used to to force all the adults into doing what he wanted. Absolute power in a petulant kid’s hands would result in Tevinter. Imagine Trump with the powers of a mage. What do you think that would mean for the rest of us?

      Fenris admits not all magic and not all mages are bad several times. Anders only says there MIGHT be a FEW good Templars once. Even then, he was more than willing to kill one of the good ones in order to let a handful of mages go. A handful of known blood mages, at that. They’ve already shown that they are Magister material, yet Anders is willing to release them on the rest of the world. See, Fenris is also able to admit there are evil Templars and he’s willing to take them out, i.e. Alrik. Anders, on the other hand, seems to believe that ALL mages are good and uncorruptible, even though he, himself, allowed himself to be corrupted. He knows he’s an abomination–Justice has turned to Vengence because they are merged–yet he sees no problem with it. He almost kills a mage because she didn’t like him. Does he stop to think that, maybe, there is a problem with mages like him? Nope. All mages must still be free.

      Have you ever told Anders “no” when he wants Hawke to help him get the ingredients for the bomb and distract Elthina? He goes into a rage. Then he engages in emotional blackmail, basically telling Hawke that if Hawke loved him, they would do this for him even though it’s suspicious and even though he’s admitted to lying about the ingredients being a potion to separate him and Justice, and even though he won’t tell Hawke why he wants Elthina distracted. Nope. He gets pissed and tries to emotionally blackmail them into helping him.

      Granted, Fenris gets mad if Hawke doesn’t go after Hadriana immediately, but instead of trying to force them to do what he wants, he tells them, “fine, I’ll just go by myself.”

      Anyway, that’s why I disagree with your assessment. Good talk! LOL.

  102. Don’t mind me commenting on a six year old post but I found it randomly and love it!
    I am literally playing these games for the first time and have been converted.
    After I finished awakenings I went into da2 thinking I absolutely have to romance Anders he was such a delight.
    Then I met him in game and groaned but then,then Fenris came down those stairs and I went HIM!!
    There was absolutely no contest in my mind. After he threw my character against the wall there was no way I was going any other way.
    Figured I’d wait it out for act three, he had to come around, right? Those broody eyes didn’t really want to end it. He was there when I had tears in my eyes after the mother died.
    So, so worth the wait! His dialogue alone after dealing with Danarius melted my heart.
    Haven’t gotten to see the epic make out scene yet since I’m so torn on what to do with Anders. He annoyed me to no end but I still just can’t quite do it.
    Now Sebastian on the other hand, I cannot stand!

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