Inspiration Strikes in the Strangest Places

This song is responsible for the book I am currently 112 pages into right now. My second novel, which is flying by, literally popped into my head while I was out walking one night, listening to this song. Now, I listen to it while writing and never look back.

Yet, consider this. What would have happened had I ignored that moment’s inspiration? What if I hadn’t written down those images to be used later? Would I have lost them and be at a loss for what book to start next when I finished my first? (No, but go with it) Of course, but because I learned in the astute tutelage of one Andre Dubus III, write it all down! Keep notes, keep a box, do whatever you need to do, just never let a sudden spark flit by unnoticed. You might think that second long image was meaningless because it didn’t have plot behind it, it just sparked somewhere in your psyche for a second. Ignoring those sparks could be the difference between twiddling your thumbs all day long and writing “The Sound and the Fury.”

(Faulkner was inspired to write that novel after seeing a pair of soiled underwear up in a tree. That was all. Just effing think about that.)


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