The Easter Bunny is a Showman!

Having absolutely no idea where this fluffy cottontailed bastard gets his tricks, I never saw the three basket array of confectionary wonders coming. I swear. He left his wares with a notes signed, The Bunny. No I didn’t buy this shmorgasbord the night before at the hoppin Walmart up in Hudson, I swear to God the hare dropped the bomb entirely by himself.

How do you draw epic, Vegas style attention to your daughter’s Easter Baskets?

Despite its tendecy to vibrocreep toward the edge of the table, it is made of WIN!

With a massive GAZILLION BUBBLES Bubble blower, that’s how!

This is where my child lost her mind.

Good times.

And no. I did NOT buy myself this entire basket of my favorite Cadbury concoctions. What are you accusing me of?



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