LA Noire – The New Standard of Gaming Graphics

How many times do you spend hours, days just ensconced in a new game, its graphics and story line, its voice acting all on point and beyond words hypnotic and addictive, then you turn around when that game defiles your trust by ending, only to plug in a new game and be met with something so sub par, so brutally lazy or simply low cost that you feel almost offended to have experienced it.

Yeah, I’m there.

Recent developments in the world of my Bioware obsession have left me with a mildly lacking taste in my mouth (lackluster mapping, low quality character interaction and limited freedom. Its true, Dragon Age 2 betrayed me – and no, I don’t want to play the Witcher 2. Playing a guy romancing a woman [or guy for that matter] is not my cup of tea, thank you! I’m a woman, I play a woman, deal with it). Sadly, given my near obsession with RPG and the notion of playing out my own romance novel in bloody, gory, science fiction or fantasy form, its hard to find another game to hold my attention for very long.

Then you bring me to LA Noire. LA fucking Noire. The facial graphics of that game are bone shattering. How often does one play a video game and think every few minutes, OH Hey! That’s that guy from such and such. LA Noire is a film, an enticing whodunnit that allows you to fuck up lives, run over innocent bystanders, and careen around town in classic cars whilst listening to one of the greatest eras of music in the past century. LA Noire took the greatest aspects of Vice City (the soundtrack) and created a whole new world of gaming.

Now, with the capacity Rock Star Games has proven the gaming industry to have, is it even acceptable to do less than what is possible? I’ve already said my peace on just how unacceptable it was for Bioware to fall short of their capacity, but here we have a completely different game company setting a whole new bar for the world of gaming that I’m not even sure they all realize has been set. Games in production right now producing garbage with poor acting and poor graphics is almost committing a crime in this ever evolving industry. Step it up, or step aside.

I’ll let you know when I beat LA Noire, then I’ll tell Rock Star to make me a fucking RPG. And be quick about it.


2 thoughts on “LA Noire – The New Standard of Gaming Graphics

  1. “I’m a woman, I play a woman.” I love that and must add: Becoming the queen of Ferelden was more important than ending the Blight (DAO) and romancing a Tevinter Fugitive was more important than … the other stuff Hawke should do (DA2). Any advice what to play next?

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