Attempting Artistry

Well, let’s just say I know my way around a camera for the most part. Still, most FINE ARTS snobs might still scoff at the art form. Though I consider such a fact utterly obnoxious and downright snobbery, I also kinda wish I could paint. Well, always wished I’d at least try to paint. Still, it’s overwhelming to think I might actually sit down and subject a canvas to my potential ineptitude. That having been said, I took a leap.

Inspired by this shot from Two Girls Being Crafty

Two Girls Being Crafty Indeed

First rule I’d heard – Never paint on a blank canvas. Even if just a coat of white, always start with a base. I chose brown.

It turned to peach. No MATTER! Onward!

Here’s the first few ‘tree’ branches I attempted. I followed the suggestion of Two Girls and used a black Paint Pen. At first I thought, how dare I be so easily swayed from the brush. After trying both, the pen had an even flow and distribution of paint. For a beginner like myself, that worked perfect for these branches.

Next, we started to get fancy with the branch spices.

I painted this across two canvases. (I’ve had a package of two different sizes in numerous amount for years. That’s how daunted I was by the notion of actually trying to paint.) I didn’t attach them or anything, just made sure they were lined up at all times with tweaking and being a raging perfectionist.

Finally, the BALLS!

I chose Black cherry, Teal, Mushroom, white, Glittering Bronze, and rose Petal as my colors, then futzed with shading by adding dashes of white to the colors here and there. I also used stenciling sponges (yet again, at the behest of Two Girls) and also used the handle of said brushes to get even smaller balls flying around here.

In the end, I think the painting came out pretty alright. I’m quite proud of it for my first endeavor into large scale art. Hopefully I can continue to feel as positive about the grander scale projects I undertake. Including the exceptionally ambitious plan to try painting Paris from a photograph I took.

Hey, it’s practice, I’m allowed to cheat while practicing! 🙂


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