I am No Hippy!

Originally posted and forgotten on my old Blog on Friday, March 20, 2009

With every turn through Fox News and 96.9 Boston, I feel this overwhelming sense of pessimism and fatalism that makes my teeth grind. Perhaps I find it unappealing because Debbie Downers really are just the killers of the cosmic party, or because people who would rather become a self fulfilling prophecy and see the world fall apart rather than be wrong need to get their panties unbunched. I just don’t agree. I know that mankind is capable of great wrongs against itself and I know that on a primitive level, many if not all of the earth’s creatures have at one time or another gone to war against each other for the purposes of territory, food, mating, and survival. Yet, I am hopeful that we might one day realize that if we just hold hands and sing an inspirational melody, everything will, in essence, be OK.

My point; (you often wonder if I have one, don’t you?) I feel science is our savior. Though it has often been used for purposes that go against the grand scheme of life itself, I feel if appropriately tended and nurtured, it will bring about a great and divine age. (Is it odd that faith and science have already begun to merge in my eyes? How very Star Trek of me.)

Take, for example, the most biologically diverse regions of the rain forest. They are not hinged upon the presence of national parks, but by the presence of indigenous tribes whose livelihood is directly connected to the Earth. The rest of the world paves over wildlife refuges, losing species at record rates, but here in these tiny corners, life flourishes. Imagine, if you will, a world that can also relate to the planet with such authority.

How do we do such a thing, you ask? “Caitlin, I’m not exactly sure I would look good in a penis gourd.” Yes, I know, junk hats and nose bones are intense, but think of it on a grander scale.

If your home were powered by solar energy, would you not become thoroughly aware of the sun’s presence. And were your car also fueled by an overnight charge powered by the sun, a free and constant entity, would that not bring some form of peace to your day. Or, were the greater industries of the country run on fuel derived from something as primitive as a corn crop, or the algae growing in your pool, would it be possible to forget the relationship we all have with our planet. “Hey asshole, don’t toss your plastic bag in the river, because Apple might have to shut down iPod production as a by-product.” Direct repercussions that any noob consumer could understand from our irresponsible behavior toward Earth. Rather than use and destroy her, we work with her. As of now, we are all powered by dead dinosaurs and plant remnants, a concept difficult to understand when we’re fueling up at the pump. There were only so many dinosaurs and they took millions of years to become oil…how will the herds of mankind react when they suddenly find themselves without? Stampede, anyone?

I see science as the best route to a common bond between all people. Using the natural surroundings we have completely ignored since the Industrial Revolution would result in a stronger chance of survival as a species and as a civilization. From making solar energy affordable, to inventing ways to utilize the constant motion of ocean currents…what I am trying to say is, “God damn it, I wish I was a fucking Scientist!”

And with a constant and renewable source of affordable, if not FREE, energy available to all people, soon there would be no one left unplugged; no reason why a Hobo on 9th can’t check his email on the bus. Luxuries that cause those that go without strife, would become available to everyone. So many of the causes for strife in our social communities would be removed, leaving us with a sudden ability to…relate. Gasp!

Solar, Wind, Water power, Earth derived and sustainable fuels, nanobots injected into the bloodstream to eradicate cancers and illnesses, making us all bionic Million Dollar Men/Women who sit around the campfire at night singing Kumbayah; it’s all coming. As long as we stop playing our fiddles long enough to get to work on it.


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