Love/Hate Relationships at their Best

Originally posted at Wise Ass Foodie

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I share with you delicious goo!


Thick, creamy, fruity, fiberful (because I added an exorbitant amount of Benefiber to the blender mid whir), delicious goo! I take hearty sips and spend a moment pantomime chewing my healthy cocktail, then I notice.

Oh yes, I notice.

Oh, I don’t just notice, I dread, shiver, and frown at the true juxtaposition that is delicious goo Smoothie.

Strawberry seeds. Dirty slut mongering Strawberry seeds all up in my molars like a nosy step mother rifling through my sock drawers. Obnoxious, hateful, demon spawn pellets of mythical Valkyric pestilence.

But god damn, this is still a tasty smoothie.


2 cp frozen strawberries

2 LARGE Banana

1 cup milk

Blender Magic!

Delicious goo!


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