Brain Dribblins – Like Chitlins, only better

(A collection of random thought from your friendly neighborhood stir crazy gal.)

1) Why do labrador retrievers shed so damn much? Literally, I vacuum more than I bathe, and it still makes hardly a dent. Draw back of living in a Victorian House with all hardwood floors, it just gathers in the corners like armies of heathens, hell bent on ruining your tea party.

2) Feng Shui is just asking for paranoia. I’m all for organizing and cleaning and decluttering, but seriously, if you tell me having my desk in my bedroom will result in no man wanting to bang me, I’ll… well, I’ll cry in a corner, given that I’m currently (and TEMPORARILY! You hear me Cosmos!?) single, but then I’ll turn back into that badass, “Don’t you tell me what to do” kind of person that has gotten me thus far in life, so screw that! If I put my toaster in the right hand corner of the kitchen, it doesn’t mean my fish tank will explode!

Damn it!

3) I need to marry a Virgo. No, seriously. I just fucking love them.

4) Cheese is fucking delectable.

5) The mall is not an acceptable alternative to “The Real World.” It should also not actually be considered leaving the house…seriously.

6) I still desperately want to eat mall food right now. God I’m fucking hungry.


7) (most importantly)… I should be writing. That might help the stir crazy sense of complete uselessness the past few days have kinda left me with. Perhaps the answer is simple…all the aforementioned bull shit problems could be solved with one simple move…

Take my laptop, leave the house, find a random, comfortable place, and write. Everyday… Two to three hours, like I promised myself. My second novel will be done in no time and I will have actually interacted with human beings…well, no. I tend to be kinda antisocial when I’m tucked in a corner somewhere writing, just ask my entire high school class.

If I just take my laptop and go write in the world, I’ll be out of the house, the writing will get done, I won’t feel stir crazy, my second book will get closer to done, my fish tank WON’T explode, and perhaps I’ll even meet a Virgo who wants to BANG me now that my desk isn’t in my damn bedroom.

Clearly stir crazy Caitlin needs a hobby.

You know, along with the writing at the pub.


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