A Challenge? Why I just might except! (Catch the typo? Marry me.)

I’ve seen this whole 365 Day Challenge thing more than once, and yes several of those times I was privy to the failure of said Challengers. Sadly, many seem to teeter out around 30 days or so.

This is unacceptable to me. (Though let’s be real, I accepted the Post a Week Challenge at WordPress, then proceeded to slack for weeks, only to write a shit ton of blogs in one day and redate them accordingly…tell no one.) Still, knowing full well I might teeter out myself, I also might find some magnificent manner in which I can cheat, which in the end, will STILL result in my having 365 pictures to share with the world.

This sounds like a doer, ladies and gentlemen. So, in celebration of my new lens (and the higher than usual likelihood that I might be purchasing a new computer in, literally, moments) I declare myself a challenger in the Joust of 365 Days!

To the Camera!

Day 1) My face.

Seriously, this challenge was impromptu, what do you expect, a Picasso right outta the gate? Come on people, I needed a subject, my face was available.

Clearly, my eyebrows need a wax...


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