The Photo Booth – Rules and Etiquette

You think you know The Photo Booth; the cruel and tempestuous siren calling you from the shore of these memory huts of doom only to laugh as your ship crashes on the rocks at her feet when you careen through the darkness, lost. Well, you’re wrong. You don’t know diddly. Not like I know diddly anyway.

There are guidelines with the Photo Booth (not rules, for rules are made to be broken…like fine china. Mmm…) that should be followed for the sheer glory of the outcome. I will share my knowledge and experience with you all, hence.

Rule #1) Make sure you are actually in the booth.


Thank you, Gina for this amazing example of what NOT to do. At times, the half face may be a useful tool for interesting Photo Booth art, but that usually isn’t achieved by just accidentally forgetting half of your face.

One should always take a moment to prepare for the onslaught of camera whoring, so as to avoid being caught off guard with your pants down. (and truly, people, keep your pants up. Most Booths now have a viewer on the outside so people can see what you’re doing. If you wouldn’t do it standing outside the booth, don’t do it in the booth. Thanks.)

Rule #2) Be Presentable.

scan0019Wipe the shmuckus off your face before the camera goes off, ladies and gents.

Seriously, years from now when you look back at these pictures, we want the memories to be fond and of bygone days when you were still mentally with it enough to wipe the ketchup off your face after dinner. Though, if you are currently known for your inability to do such, then by all means, capture it, with pinache!

Rule #3) ONLY take shots with your coolest friends.

scan0006Remember, that while you are wiping away that ketchup and prying free Nasal Obstructions (which you hopefully remembered to do BEFORE the shot was taken) you are going to be under the watchful eye of the person sitting next to you (or outside if you’re flying solo). That person needs to be ready for your utter lunacy, because that is what is truly expected of you by the Photo Booth.

The Photo Booth gods have standards; they’re tired of prima donnas looking for more gorgeous shots of themselves to add to their 1000’s of self portraits on Facebook. Give em (and your partner in crime) something to remember you by, fondly.

Rule #4) Be Fearless.


Don’t let the fact that this picture will be captured for all to see stop you from making a complete ass of yourself.

This is another reason why you only take your coolest friends; the ones who are afraid to look foolish aren’t HALF as fun as the ones ready to make a face like this.

Thank you Kelly and Caitlin, for proving that being able to open your mouth this wide IS a worthwhile skill. (At least in the world of Photo Booths).

Rule #4) Plan Ahead.

Make sure you are both on the same page before the shot is taken.

A Good example:


A fabulous Blue Steel shot with both parties participating equally in the outcome. Nicely done, Caitlin and Kelly.

That’s what I call synchronized Photo Boothing.

Look at the cheekbones, the pouts, the wide eyed stares; couldn’t have planned this one better with a flowchart, my friends.

Also a Good Example:


Here we have both subjects sending the same message to the viewer; dining on something Seductively Delicious.

Sure, perhaps Gina’s forward approach is a little more self explanatory than Caitlin’s, but still the subjects are obviously on the same page. The phrase “Hot sex in your mouth” comes to mind.

Thanks Gina.

And then…

A not so great example:

scan0024Here we have two subjects who are completely unaware of each others whereabouts and actions.

Gina is staring blankly into the camera whilst Caitlin is watching helplessly as Godzilla’s foot descends from above.

In an actual Godzilla movie, both of these characters would be dead and all evidence of their Photo Booth failure would have been destroyed.

Let’s be thankful for that if nothing else here people.

Moving on…

Rule #5) Be Ironic.

boysThe headers at the top of your strip are an added opportunity for humor and era specific commentary.

For example, this shot was found under the header “I Heart Boys”.

Appropriate, don’t you think?

Would have also fit swimmingly with “I Freaking Love You”, “Sexy”, and “Diva.”

When you look back on these pictures and notice the ludicrous phrase at the top of the strip, the shock and realization that will follow upon seeing this picture will bring the laughs a thousand fold.

I know what I am doing here, trust me.

Rule #6) Be Creative.

scan0025Don’t settle for the same old shtick. Get out your thinking caps and go for something unique.

Choose an unexpected motivation.

Pretend you’re; looking up at Godzilla, newly escaped mental patients, in a super model documentary hour, posing for Playboy, with cannibalistic tendencies. Whatever the case may be, make it interesting, otherwise the pictures will just end up in a landfill someday because you saw no reason to keep them, and that is just effing sad.

And look at how successfully this group of shots showcased the subjects’ collective cleavage. Truly remarkable and unintended positive to the shot, if I do say so myself. Go Gina.

And finally…

Rule #7) Variety is the Spice of the Photo Booth’s life.

It is your duty as a Photo Booth Patron to come back for more with a penchant for the absurd and a good friend at your side.

A good Photo Booth outcome is worth well over its weight in gold and if done correctly, makes you look fun as hell.

Because you’d have to be to pull faces like these.


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