I Could Listen For Days…

This man is named Carter Gravatt. He plays what some might call lead guitar for my favorite band Carbon Leaf, but what he actually plays is Fucking Everything!
His craft is so superb. I literally sway to the sound of anything he plays, especially when it is just him playing. Barry Privett has one of the most haunting and soothing voices on the planet, but without Carter Gravatt… I love Barry, but Carter is the one building the landscape that Barry takes you on a long winding drive through.

This video was just posted the other day. It is new, it is more of what makes me love this man, and I literally have watched the video a thousand times, just to have it lilting in the background of my life.

Go listen to Carbon Leaf. Tell them I sent you.


One thought on “I Could Listen For Days…

  1. Yup. Carter, Barry and Carbon Leaf ROCK! Just really discovered the band this year and have become an instant fan. Have seen them perform three times already this year with plans to see three more shows in the near future. I agree about this piece as well and all of Carter’s work. And, as you say, Barry’s voice is exceptionally compelling as are his lyrics. LOVE THEM!

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