I Thought I Told You To Shut Uh-uh-up

There is something about a man with mutton chops that just slays me. Well, no – not actual mutton chops, but the burns that go past the ear, maybe even to the jaw line. Now, let’s be real, there are some hardcore hipster douche bags out there trying to rock them. Hell, there are some douche bag tattoo artists out there with them, too. Still, when a great man decides to grow burns, I never protest. Must be my inner colonial maiden side, but man do I love them. Mutton burns, rolled up shirt sleeves on a button down shirt, rhythm, the ability to raise an eyebrow, the vein that appears on some guys’ forearms…yeah, weird things. They just slay me.

Now we come to Jemaine. His mutton chops are sunshine. That is all.



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