Vitamin Cheese

20111111-195009.jpgLadies and Gentlemen, this is Brie.

Well, actually no. This is a Brie-like substance called Creme de Brie on a Baguette. It is made by Alouette and it is glorious. So glorious in fact that it was a sudden and imperative addition to the car picnic my friend Gina and I decided to take today.

Yes, we attempted outdoor picnicery, but it was so effing BRISK we changed our minds, especially after walking through the mudslick that is the post storm world of New England this November. My little one was not pleased with the sudden change of plans, but when my bare toes met with the slosh of mud, I was spent.

20111111-195016.jpgAs one can easily see by the expression on my face, the picnic upheaval was quickly forgotten in the wake of glorious BRIE!

Or Brie-like substance (patent pending).

Dude, seriously I am the queen of wacky expressions. And that Brie was a spot hitter, holy effing crap.

Though let’s be real, the only reason this glory was recorded was because some lunatic running the cosmos saw fit to give me a fucking iPhone. Yeah, there is no end to the lunacy that is committed and recorded now by yours truly.

20111111-195021.jpgHere is Gina and myself, indulging in Brie like the true classy broads we are.

This picture was quickly followed by a conversation on the ettiquette of public speaking.

*Squirrel runs past*

Gina – Squirrels are stupid.

Caitlin – Gina, we don’t say the word stupid. They’re retarded.

Yes, my daughter was present.

Yes, this is the woman she is being raised by.

Yes, you should be concerned – that she’ll turn out a raging wiseass.

Tally ho!


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