Who Gave This Girl a Webcam?

Prepare to behold the true extent of my complete geekery.

So this here laptop I’ve been writing my first two novels on has a webcam. That is kinda guaranteed nowadays with all these new fangled gadgets, but my slightly aging laptop brought with it a sudden form of distraction that could not be denied by this Aries woman. (If you read the post on Aries, you’ll find that we can’t pass a mirror without looking at ourselves…it’s a compulsion. So is the taking pictures of oneself. Obnoxious, you say? Well, suck it!)

Anyway, over the years of distraction this here laptop has brought me, I’ve just discovered some serious gems.

I hereby share. Mock me if you must, but know this… I know you have some of these hiding on your computer as well. He who is without sin, ladies and gentlemen. He who is without sin…


Yes, that’s right… this is what I’m doing when I should be writing. Magnificent.


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