This is Ninja – Mighty Overlord of Cuteness


Ninja was adopted by us because the fates decided.

No seriously, I saw the kitty in a dream days before we went to look. In the dream I called him MonkeyTurkey, but no matter!


Ninja loves writing and thinks I should do it more often.


Cause he’s a fucking nut. No, really.


See. Bat shit insane.

Yet it was fate. Down to the fact that when we arrived at the adoption center, the woman in front of us was in the process of filling out paperwork to adopt him.

That didn’t happen though, did it Ninja?


Nope! Her application was denied! We hovered out of sheer hope (and the fact that I saw him IN MY DREAMS!!) and were rewarded with our new overlord.

He is a magnanimous dictator though. Look, he even shares my pillow with me while he sleeps…


See! There’s just enough room for my head… Under him.

Welcome home Ninja. 🙂


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