Dressing My Opinion

d573775e68b711e2aeb222000a1f9e7e_7Snagged this bad boy while at Manchester Firing Line Range today.

I figured rather than get into heated debates with people on the subject of gun rights, the 2nd Amendment, my having been born in Concord, Massachusetts with a historian for a Grandmother, and therefore raised on the notion that taking guns from law abiding citizens should cause Revolution – I’d just go ahead and wear my opinion instead.

Also, my argument has recently been devolved into a one word sentiment. If you argue with me on the subject of gun ownership, I will say one word –


Then I’ll walk away. Or saunter, as the case may be, but seriously, this shirt makes the girls look gorge!

(And to clarify in case anyone wonders – I am a dyed in the wool, take to the streets, bleeding heart liberal in almost every manner of the word. Yet I would also take to the streets for the 2nd Amendment as much as the 1st. I told the guy at the range that I was clearly open to getting into some fights with this one. He said I would more likely cause fights and I blushed. Freakin flirt. Still made me smile like a freakin goofball so WHATEVER! SWITZERLAND!)


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