I’ve got a Six Pack of Pork Soda

So let’s go fishing!

Here’s a sip.

This song is just epic. It’s one of those tunes that turns me into a flailing wisp on the wind. Literally, I turn into one of those wacky stoned out hippies at the Horde tour. Did I just date myself? Who cares, that was a great tour, and BOTH members of Ween took a full minute long gander at my tits that day.

And I met Les CLaypool. Not that day – that day I met Beck – but later I met Claypool and he was the coolest dude ever. With the amount that man fishes, one would expect no less. He plays Bass like a god, has the rock stomp of a twtiched out banjo player, a glorious mustache, AND he fishes more than he sleeps. Anyone who fishes that much HAS to be a chill ass, cool dude.

At least I like to think so.


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