VD – What about the Guys?

I’m here to share a thought with you all (who didn’t see that coming, eh?). My feeling on Valentine’s Day and the marketing napalming that we are all subjected to when it comes along. My thought is this –

What about the guys?

So I'm doing you!

So I’m doing you!

That’s what has always irked me about the big VD – all you hear is the flowers and chocolates and jewelry and how much of a douche a guy is if he doesn’t follow through with those things. Yet, what about the book of homemade coupons she should make him that buy him truly inappropriate favors every week (morning blow jobs and lingerie sex on Hump day, anyone?), or the Leatherman he’s been eyeing but wouldn’t buy for himself, or the steak dinner he’s desperately hoping she’ll take him out for?

Where is the cry of activists the world over calling the marketing world sexist? Are men not also a part of the equation on Valentine’s Day? Are they somehow second class citizens because they don’t need flowers or jewelry? I think it is an awful double standard, to be honest – but I’ve been told I’m a very rare woman, so what can you do?

Still, I think it was said best by this grumpy motherfucker, right here. When you love someone, and you’re lucky enough to find someone that makes every minute of everyday better, that desires you with a passion that tires your ass out, that loves you for who you are and not who they want to turn you into, that makes you fall over laughing until you pee, and then laughs at you while helping you clean up the mess you made and brings it up to embarrass you for years to follow – when you find that person and make them yours, then every fucking day is flowers and chocolates and morning blow jobs, and that’s how it fucking should be.

Now, I don’t balk at doing a little something special on any given holiday, holidays are for each of us to make what we want out of them. I myself am the ‘homemade coupon and Leatherman with steak dinner served in a French Maid’s costume’ kind of a gal on VD. I only ask that we ALL consider evening out the playing field here and give the guys some god damn credit. They deserve to be showered with love, too. And if they don’t… choose a better dude.

Every day should be Valentine’s Day, I believe. Everyday. And if it isn’t for you, maybe you’re with the wrong one.

I heard it said once, “Valentine’s Day isn’t about you or me, it’s about us.” Us… That’s what I want to celebrate when I think of VD…


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