From the Mouths of Babes

So, I have a good friend whom I love, and she is the proud mother of a little man whom I also love. His name is Daniel.

Now, the first half a dozen times I met the man, he took one look at me and crumpled in terror. Literally, eye contact and BAM! – the baby acted like I was Godzirra. Needless to say, I tried my damnedest to get him to NOT cry at the mere sight of me. It took some time, and introducing him to my own offspring. Truth be told, Mebh was the one who made him realize that my intimidation factor wasn’t as bad as he thought.

Then a month or two ago, my friend sent me a message saying she was looking through pictures and Daniel spotted one and said something along the lines of “Pretty girl, like Caitlin.” She then told me that this was his go-to comment when he saw a girl he believed was pretty – that if she was beautiful to him, she looked like me.

Well, naturally I fucking melted from this. To go from Godzirra to Glinda is a pretty big jump.

Kate+Winslet+Long+Hairstyles+Long+Side+Part+AZsy9ezSpW6lI’d completely forgotten about this until just now when she sent me another message.

She was looking for a good look, a style, a hair do, a dress, a shebang for the day she walks the red carpet at the Oscars (which I can now see, clear as day. Steph, if you read this – it’s going to happen, and you DO have that hairstyle, and you look fucking gorgeous, and you have that sneaky ass smile of yours on your face!), and she pulled up this picture.

Daniel looked over her shoulder at the screen and said, “That’s Caitlin!”

She tells me this. I click on the link to see the picture he was reacting to.

This picture came up.




Kate Winslet is my quintessential example of beauty – my girl hero as both an actor and a spirit, she’s just amazing and gorgeous and I love her. Probably the only woman I would consider being a lesbian for, and when I say lesbian, I don’t just mean sex, because anyone could do that for a night, but I mean wake up next to this person and call her my girlfriend, lesbian. Now that shit right there is hardcore.

I’m lying though. I’m so not a lesbian. Woh woh…

But I digress, THE POINT! The point is, a comment made by a three year old little man, who hasn’t learned beauty by media standards, who hasn’t learned to spot flaws, or to judge in any fashion beyond whether you are kind, fun, or you bring him presents and toys – he thinks I look like this?

My whole world just sort of imploded when I clicked on this picture. That little man just made me cry. I don’t think I’ve ever received a more meaningful or powerful compliment in my life. Suddenly, if a little man can see me like this, my failing to see me like this is MY flaw… and it’s the only one I should be focusing on.



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