My Ovaries Thank you, Nathan…

EqILbZGThis man.

This one, right here.

I want him in my mouth.

All of him.

Like, yesterday.

Sorry, was that crass and unladylike?

I don’t care, give me just one hour.

No… seventeen GOOD solid hours, and I’m going to change this man’s life.

I would do the dirtiest things with this man. Oh my GAHD!

Sorry, but have you SEEN Serenity?

Or Castle for that matter. Whatever, if you don’t get it then you don’t get it and that just means, MORE Nathan for me!

Take me Nathan Fillion.

Who’s my Daddy?

You are.

Oh man. Sorry. We now go back to our normal, ladylike, upstanding citizen manners of expression.



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