Manifesting Simple Minds

I’ve had this amazing story for years, but never told it in the blogosphere. Why? I don’t know, because it is too amazing?

This song is on my iPhone. Has been since it was just an iPod.

This is Simple Minds, and they are Scottish, all about making the world a better place, and they are one of my all time favorite bands. (Yes, I am an 80’s child, what can I do?)

simpleWell, in the summer of 2009 I’d discovered the Law of Attraction, or the Secret – which, in all honesty, is just a repackaging of my pagan heart’s already solid beliefs, but it was inspiring me, nonetheless. Why do I mention the Secret? Because this is the tale of how I literally control the god damn universe with my mind.

This song came on my iPhone one night and for some reason it stirred me wholly. Suddenly, I wanted nothing more than to hear this song played live. One problem with that pursuit, Simple Minds NEVER toured outside Europe anymore. I’m from Boston. Sitting on my ass waiting for them to find the draw to play a US tour might leave me waiting a very long time, and I am impulsive and impatient. I wanted it now.

newgolddreamSo, on a whim, I went online to see IF they might be planning a US tour, ever. Instead I found that they were about to start touring Europe – in mere weeks. Something inside me was ablaze. I was making a decision.

I had a friend living in Belgium. They were playing Belgium in less than a month.

I emailed her to verify that her invite to come visit was still open. Yes, she said. I then programmed trip advisor to send me alerts when the ticket prices dropped below a certain price. It was short notice, but I had hope. Three days later, the alert email came through and I purchased my ticket to Paris and a train ticket from there to Brussels.

Crazy whims, right? It gets better.

The show was already sold the fuck out.

The concert I was traveling thousands of miles to see was completely, and unequivocably sold out. No tickets. There were people up selling on eBay and ticket sites all over the internet, but when I boarded my plane, two days before the concert, I had NO tickets.

Brussels at Christmas Time. Gorgeous.

Brussels at Christmas Time. Gorgeous.

Claire picked me up and I informed her of the situation, saying that if we couldn’t get in, then we couldn’t get in. I was still visiting her, still having a blast, still in Belgium for Christ’s sake, what is there to complain about if we don’t get in?

Still, I’d left home with a sense of peace – I was GOING to get into that concert.

The night of the concert arrives. We drive into Brussels and park a few blocks from the concert hall.

We’re late.

It’s raining.

It was, in theory, looking quite bleak, I’m not going to lie. Yet, we trudged forward and I kept my faith as I kept my eyes to the ground to avoid the rain on my lashes.

We approach the doors, metal dividers left behind after the long lines of people had disappeared within the concert hall, WITH their tickets. We could hear cheering and a band playing inside. I didn’t recognize the music. We kept walking, heads down, when suddenly a man appeared in my view. He was well rained on, standing a dozen yards away from the theater.

“Do you need tickets?” In ENGLISH!

I stopped dead. “Yes, sir.”

“One or two?”

Claire and I both, “TWO!”


Noticed they’re soaked….

He whipped out the tickets he and his wife couldn’t use for the evening, and sold them to us for face fucking value. Take that, eBay scalper douche bags!

He then walked us to the door of the theater so that we knew he was selling us REAL tickets.

We walked into that General Admission concert, slipped into the back of the hall RIGHT as Simple Minds’ intro music started playing. We meandered and slithered our way through the crowd and stood just a few yards from the stage as Jim Kerr walked out into sight.

I lost my fucking mind.

What happened over the course of that month was nothing short of extraordinary -miraculous even – but it didn’t really hit me just how perfectly orchestrated the whole dance was until months later. The flight prices dropping instead of going up as the trip got closer, the friend in Belgium whose roomate was away for the time I was coming, leaving a bedroom open for me, the man waiting until AFTER the opening band was done, still holding out hope that someone would need tickets. In the rain.

In the fucking RAIN!

I realize that a major part of the Law of Attraction, the Secret, living a happy life in general, is gratitude. Notice the blessings, count them, acknowledge them, speak of them above your misfortunes. All of that is beautiful, but often times, we don’t even realize what is happening around us on our behalf.

We concern ourselves with the How – HOW will I get that new job, HOW will my soul mate find me, HOW will I get the part, sell my manuscript, make a billion dollars? We all have some dream that we might secretly not be allowing ourselves to truly believe in because we can’t see how it will happen.

To that notion, I say this –

Johnny Depp was discovered while pumping gas.

J. K. Rowling was on the dole when she wrote Harry Potter – a book she then sold for only 5k.

If you declare your intention, declare your desire and then allow yourself to actually believe yourself WORTHY of it (hardest part), it will find you. With the propulsion of a heat seeking missile, the thing you’ve set in motion will find you.

The trick is not just to let it, but to then notice and praise that it did.

If we try to plan our own miracles, then we limit their magic. There is a constant dance of events taking place, just in every patch of soil, let alone in every town, city, country. Of all the tiny fragments moving in time, how many of them are leading to some grand interaction with you? You don’t know, and that is ok. Let yourself acknowledge that your knowledge of the universe is limited. Your knowledge of what could be happening RIGHT NOW on your behalf, somewhere on the other side of the world for all you know, is so unbelievably limited that if you had even an inkling, it would drive you mad. Let go. There is magic at work, and it knows the easiest way. Let it do its work and allow yourself to be amazed, instead.

And rock out to Scottish bands.


One thought on “Manifesting Simple Minds

  1. This is such a beautiful story. I’ve had like experiences with the Law, even long before I knew such a concept existed. Right now I feel I’m in the middle of several things working together, and can’t really connect even though I want to. But I know everything is for the best, things come to you when you’re ready for it and can make the best out of it. Thank you for these inspiring words – I’ll be back for them.

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