Reliving the 80’s

Once upon a time, I wished I could time travel. Not because I wanted to get all Bill and Ted’s on the world, but because I wanted to live through the 80’s as a teenager, instead of a child. I wanted to be a whole person, rather than a fraction of the person I would one day be.

Suddenly, I am a grown woman, lying in my queen sized bed, with my satin comforter and my cable television. Yet, here I am, a grown woman, in the 80’s.

Holy shit, Caitlin! You discovered time travel? And how to blog from another time? Your data plan must be astronomical!

etNo, sadly. Yet, here I am watching E.T. with my eight year old daughter, tearing up as E.T. chooses death over letting Elliot remain sick, and I’m right there, in the back of my father’s station wagon, watching the movie on a massive drive-in movie screen with Risky Business playing on the screen behind us.

Watching my baby react, laugh, and prattle off questions as I demand her silence so I can hear the words I now understand in a manner I couldn’t when I was her age – this is a gift. This is one of the best parts of being a parent. You get to be a kid again, even if only vicariously, through the company of your child.

Next, we watch Back to the Future.

Because Mebhy needs to learn early that Hoverboards Don’t Work On Water. It’s going to come in handy in October of 2016, you know – when the hoverboards come out and all.


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