If Only They Knew – Part 1

In my pursuit of sex goddesshood, I’ve started training (for the Spartan Race, but also for marathon sex sessions with my soul mate, when he gets his shit straight and hunts me down to marry my ass). As a result, I end up running on the treadmill, (despite my seething hatred for running) then lifting heavy on the weight floor.

I wonder how the other people would react if I could control the music overhead. I think they’d love it. In fact, I think it would make them better people. For example, when I was picking up heavy shit and then putting it back down, like a BOSS, this was what I was listening to –

You want to run right now, don’t you? And jump over hedges?

I don’t fucking blame you.

I should be responsible for the soundtrack of the world. More to come.


2 thoughts on “If Only They Knew – Part 1

  1. Here in the hood we always need a good running soundtrack. Currently my overhead music is Eminem and Rihanna. Makes me want to burn hedges down. Good luck with your pursuit 😉

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