Holy Crap! Blogging Milestone – 100K views

Holy mother of crapping Jesus, that was a surprise to see.

Now, to clarify, we’re not there yet. We are in fact at 99,932 views for the life of the blog. Given that I went long periods of slacking and not giving a rat finking f@ck, I’m blown away to think that traffic maintained in my absences enough to get here.

Yes, I’m sure many of you avid bloggers have blown past 100K in two weeks, but for me that notion is absolutely mind boggling. And humbling. And mind boggling – I mean, 100K sets of eyes have been accosted by my jackassery, been forced to absorb my nonsense, been confused by my chicanery. I’m sorry all you unbeknownst masses.

Here’s to another year of absolute fucking nonsense! Aaaaw hell yeah!



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