Saying Goodbye to a Pioneer – John Stewart Announces His Departure

Just finally watched his announcement and I’m feeling the pangs along with everyone else. People are upset to see him step down because he is hilarious, he’s poignant, but above all he’s a pioneer.
This man changed News Broadcasting forever. This man and his team at the Daily Show, through the guise of comedy, exposed the collaborative efforts of talking heads to mislead, stir pots, and twist truths in order to gain viewers and lean voters. By throwing up montages of Bill O’Reilly preaching against teenage pregnancy when it was a pop star’s sister then months later throwing his support to Sarah Palin when her daughter was a pregnant teen, John Stewart and the Daily Show gave the younger generation eyes that could better decipher and weed threw the rubbish and soap boxing that was being shoved down our throats by our parents’ news stations. The talking heads weren’t infallible, they could be wrong, they could be misled, or in many cases, be misleading us. It is through him that the nation began to see the holes in the crystal palace, and began to more loudly demand chisels with which to chip away at those holes. Now those News Stations keep constant watch on John Stewart, because they recognize, whether they want to or not, the power he wields.
News will never be the same. Politics and Television will never be the same. It’s this man we have to thank for that and I am sad to see him go.


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