Beltane – Get Your Juju On

 May Day is upon us.

If you didn’t have a chance to light some fires last night, it’s not too late. Here’s a few ways to celebrate Spring and the coming of the May King and Queen.

1) Write wishes on various color ribbons and tie them to trees.

Red for passion and love, Green for Wealth, White for Peace and Protection, Blue for Wisdom (good if you’re in school), yellow for Joy, and Gold for abundance and good luck.

2) Burn Shit!

If you don’t have a fire pit, a red candle surrounded by fallen leaves and twigs will substitute a balefire for today. Write down anything you wish to release, either things you want to be rid of, or things you wish for that you want to give up to the universe to get done. Write it down, meditate on it, burn that shit.

Outside. Don’t burn your house down. That’s not Beltane appropriate.

3) Dance around like an idiot

Preferably outside and naked if possible, but we can’t all be perfect, so in the kitchen while you cook dinner will do.

IMG_34804) Pursue Pleasure

Were I already in the arms of my future honey, he’d get shagged sideways a thousand times today. Since I am as of yet NOT in his arms, I will wear satiny things, eat rich foods, take a jasmine, milk and honey bath – anything to trigger pleasure centers in the brain.

5) Connect with nature

Get out and get trekking, hiking, climb a hill, get lost in trees, tend your garden. Be in the green.

6) And finally, wear green. St. Paddy’s day isn’t the ‘wear green’ day. Beltane is. (St. Paddy color is originally blue. Don’t tell any of the other Boston Irish that, though. They’ll shank you.)

(Wearing Green, and my moonstone.)


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