What Deflategate and Tom Brady’s Suspension Say About the NFL

As of moments ago, the findings in the Deflategate investigation have resulted in penalties to both the Patriots AND Tom Brady.

TOM BRADY – Suspended for Four Games

PATRIOTS TEAM – Fined 1 Million Dollars and revoked two first round draft picks.

What are they being penalized for?


11150360_861304693917348_7478646683669246323_nFor ‘probably’ being aware that a couple ball boys may have tampered with the Psi in the game balls. Game balls used during the first half of a blow out game against the Colts, in which Pats won 45-7, scoring over thirty of their points in the second half.

Sounds reasonable, right? I mean, ‘probably’ equals guilty when in reference to an already guaranteed Hall of Famer like Brady, right? Let’s knock him down a peg because he plays for a team that my team can’t seem to beat.

Even if I conceded that Brady MAYBE knew (which I honestly don’t think it matters) about the balls being a little under for the first half of that game, and even if I thought Ball Psi ever mattered in ANY NFL GAME before it was being slung at the Patriots, here’s my problem with this whole shebang…

How the NFL Has Punished Players Arrested for Domestic Violence

If you read the above article, you will find the words, “For example, more than half of players who have been accused of domestic violence during Roger Goodell’s tenure as commissioner have gone without punishment from the league.”

No punishment.

Back in September of last year, a certain Running Back known as Ray Rice was seen dragging his then fiiance out of an elevator. Then footage of him knocking her out cold surfaced. Roger Goodell saw the footage before the rest of the world.

“Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, had originally given Rice a mere two-game suspension in July after viewing the first video”

Which brings me to THIS unfortunate conclusion.

NFL Suspends Tom Brady for Twice as Long as Ray Rice (UPDATED)

For potentially knowing that his teams footballs in a single game may have been tampered with to get a lower Psi for his throwing comfort, much like ribbed condoms do for ladies, he is being suspended for TWICE the length of a player who beat his fiance.

So, by this notion, Tom Brady could’ve cold cocked Giselle in the face on camera and seen more lenient treatment by the establishment in which he is a living legend.

Whether you are a Pats fan, or an Eagles fan, or don’t even like the NFL, I ask that you overlook your opinion of the Patriots and see the real problem here. It isn’t just “innocent until proven guilty” being thrown out the window, it’s common decency.


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