Let’s Get The Blue Jokes Rolling, Shall We?

Prepare to laugh mercilessly at me – 
So, Glucomannan was recommended to me as a fiber supplement. It apparently thickens in your belly, makes you feel full, all that great stuff. I thought why not and order some. It arrives and I see it says 2g fiber per serving.  WHAT? That’s freakin nothing! I thought…

I decide to give it a whirl this morning, plop two tablespoons into a glass of OJ and Water, stir, and quickly realize if I didn’t drink it fast, I’ll be using it to spackle drywall, it thickened so much. I chugged that gelatinous ooze as quick as I could, ignoring the unfortunate texture, then settled in with a glass of water, reading the fine print on the bottle to my mother.

Me – “Take One Half level teaspoon in 8oz of water twice daily.”


Me- “Yeah?”

Mom – “How much did you just put in that glass of OJ?”

Me – “Uhhh…two tablespoons.”

Mom – “So, you just took 12 times the dose?”

Me – *Stares at container* “Woops.”

And there you have it. 24 grams of fiber in one sitting.

Today is going to be a good day, ladies and gentlemen.

So to celebrate the aPOOcalypse that will most likely be the next two days of my life, I bring you – 

Poop memes 



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