To Ban Or Not to Ban

I saw this on tumblr and Facebook today, and guess what –  I have an opinion…
Amazon has apparently stripped confederate flag items – as have Walmart and other retail giants – but ISIS and Nazi paraphernalia they have not. 

Now first of all, I don’t imagine Walmart or any retail store in America sold Isis or nazi flags, but I digress. 

Here’s my thoughts – I don’t personally believe in banning anything, per se -First amendment and all that. That having been said, flying this flag over state buildings throughout the south is an atrocity. Because as this meme helps to prove, the confederate flag flying over a southern state could be likened to modern day Berlin flying the Nazi flag over Abgeordnetenhaus (forgive my spelling, my fellow German speakers). They wouldn’t do it. Why? Why, you say? Only the Jews and gypsies and gay and anti-nazi and Jew sympathizers suffered from the acts of the third reich, and it was over half a century ago, get over it. Right? Right? Why does it bother you so much? It stands for German pride!!?
Nope. No one says that. Because what it stands for is representative of a time when a government held the stance that a minority could and should be oppressed and near to eradicated. Sure, the Third Reich also stood for German pride and culture, but guess what? It doesn’t matter. 
So no, I don’t stand firm that the confederate flag should be banned universally as a symbol, but I sure as shit wouldn’t purchase one and fly it anywhere, whether I come from Savannah, Charlotte, Dallas, or fucking Heidelberg. Genocide, slavery, and oppression are not something to celebrate, nor to overlook.


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